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Desperate lesser-evilism

So much of Australian politics today is reduced to a sort of desperate lesser evilism, not least because of the steady lowering of expectations that is part and parcel of the now three-decade old capitalist neo-liberal offensive. A good example of this was given in the beginning of Alan Ramsey's column in this weekend's Sydney Morning Herald "Rudd may not be the saviour, but he'll do" where he quotes a letter he received pleading: "KR might not be the saviour we've been waiting for but he is better than what we have now. Please lay off until after the election and go for him if he turns out to be a dud."

Ramsey, a Labor party supporter with little love for Rudd (and recently called him a "PPP - a prissy, precious p--ck", says he will NOT be taking her advice (and neither should socialists) but suggests her letter of despair was "a fair reflection of the prevailing mood".

ALP apologists would have the left adapt to this desperate mood but it would be wrong for socialists to stop criticising the right-wing politics of Rudd and the ALP. In fact our duty is to speak the truth and to do what we can to promote the independent mass mobilisation of the working class around a defence of its interests and the interest of the community and the environment.

Left-wing cartoonist David Pope (better known as Heinrich Hinze) is uncompromising in speaking out about Rudd Labor's hesitation in the face of calls from the big mining companies to retreat on Labor's promise to "tear up WorkChoices". See examples here and here.

The Socialist Alliance is working with other militant unionist to collect signatures for a call on the ACTU and state, territory and regional labour councils to immediately call a day of protest that demands:

1. The full repeal of the Howard government’s Work Choices and Workplace Relations Act (including the abolition of all individual contracts) and;

2. The enshrining in Australian law of the internationally recognised right of workers to take industrial action in defence of their economic and social interests.You can download this petition here, get your workmates to sign and return to:

Socialist Alliance, PO Box 1246, A’Beckett Street, Melbourne Vic 8006

FAX: 03 9639-8452

EMAIL: sue_bolton@hotmail.com

PHONE: Sue Bolton 0413-377-978

Peter Boyle

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