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Carnival for Socialism:Left Regroupment: problems, experiences and prospects.

I was hoping to launch this blogging project with a fanfare-ish Carnival of Socialism but we hit the blogosphere running and got distracted by posting matters.

But that was a world away -- two weeks ago!

Since blogging matters have taken their own course here we have the opportunity to come back to the original scenario and consider hosting a blog carnival.

This isn't a day out down sideshow alley nor a trip on a ferris wheel. Blog carnivals are exercises in collective blogging and Carnivals of Socialism -- of which there have been fourteen so far -- are engineered to highlight, encourage and promote the best in left blogging.

So what say we take a crack at that? The theory's good anyway.

Inexperienced as I am, I cannot say too much about the methodology except that I presume you throw up a topic, and say "go for it!"

It's a "do it!" rather than a "do it not" sort of thing.

Since I've had a couple of weeks to ponder this business the topic being advanced is this: Left Regroupment: problems, experiences and prospects.

There you go. It either means a lot to you or bugger all.

Given that we have a few on the team here at LeftClicks who have a more than passing familiarity with such a topic in real time mode, maybe we can expect some good meaty stuff emanating from that quarter. But, since our little corner is not the be all and end all of the blogosphere, others who'd like to offer their contribution are encouraged to tackle the topic on their own blogging turf (and we'll link to them)or send their views to LeftClick for consideration for airing in front of a live and engaged audience.

I didn't want to be too formal about this, so I was keen to move quickly and LeftClick is launching its Carnival in a week's time -- June 10th. This means that there is a short turn around time for a discussion that once begun here can be open ended (as far as I'm concerned. I don't know what rigors set in once you go carnivalesque.)

But I guess some reckoning is called for and I think we should try to come to some summation (at least for a tea break)on or about June 24 -- a time when we'll take up the opportunity to link to whatever else is out there of relevance to the topic to hand.

So get with it:

Carnival of Socialism...
Left Regroupment: problems, experiences and prospects.

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AN | June 04, 2007

Our experience at SU blog with the leat one is that you cannot just assume people will worte stuff for you, you have to trawl round the blogs yourself looking for content.

BUt, it is rewarding as we still get hits from all around the world who have found the site via the carnival.

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