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Debate RCTV in front of the whole world? No thankyou!

Oil Wars takes up the debate that was offered in Venezuela with opposition students in regard to the RCTV dispute. Oil Wars writes:
So today is a big day for plurality of sorts, the opposition student movement got their shot at speaking at the National Assembly for the entire country to see. Both sides (5 students each) of the student isle were given equal time at the main podium to present their points of view. What was their reaction? to storm out of the building like silly sifrinos that they are. Could not stand that their ideas were being challenged by their peers so they had a hissy fit.

Here is a few videos of the debate inasmuch as these spoilers allowed it to happen .The opposition students who turned up to the debate at the National Assembly - which was broadcast on national TV and radio, only to read a statement and then walk-out, refusing to take part.

They apparently planned the walkout in advance and as Oil Wars comments:
Pretty amazing what a platform the students were given with this speach broadcast to the entire country. Can you imagine anyone opposed to the U.S. government - say Cindy Sheehan - being given the opportunity to speak like this before the entire U.S. congress and country? That will be the day.

Of course, after this I'm sure these people will be on the street claiming there is no freedom of speach in Venezuela. Lacking for irony they are not.

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Dave Riley | June 10, 2007

Must read review of events...

From:Michael A. Lebowitz: Who's Pulling the Strings?

Let's go over this again, slowly: the students' withdrawal from the
National Assembly was scripted. This isn't all that surprising. But that
it was scripted by an organization owned by the opposition press is quite
revealing. It makes transparent not merely the political nature of the
opposition students and the fact that they don't represent the totality of
Venezuelan students, but more importantly it reveals the fact that the
opposition media has played an active role in planning and structuring
this wave of student protests that they themselves have painted as a
"spontaneous" rebellion.

Dave Riley | June 10, 2007

NOTE:Last reference is to an article by GEORGE CICCARIELLO-MAHER not Michael Lebowitz.

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