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DSP numbers, Victorian Socialist Alliance State conference and politics

Margarita Windisch reports. This is a followup to this post here:

There is no question that the Victorian Socialist Alliance state conference was a success. It drew together mainly Socialist Alliance members (it was mainly build as an internal conference, to elect a Senate ticket and discuss ideas and strategies for the upcomign Federal election) but was open to the public.

We also featured a very interesting and highly relevant public session on how to defeat Work Choices and defend the right to strike, which attracted a range of union movement activists who were keen to nut out tactics and have a collaborative discussion. This public session was the first in Victoria really after the ALP's atrocious sell out on the ABCC and brutal attack on Dean Mighell.

Out of the 90 attendees, 48 were non DSP if that helps answer Peter Murray's question and three new people joined. Members walked away enthusiastic as the meeting was a real engagement with current politics.

At present Socialist Alliance is consolidating important new alliances with the Mulrunji campaign also here in Melbourne. We started developing these alliances last year with a emergency demo for Mulrunji in December which then were followed up by a very successful Invasion Day demo (the first in around 8 years in Melbourne) in January 2007. Last Friday SA together with ISJA pulled off a terricif nearly 200 strong demo in 2 days notice, which provided the basis to start organising for an NDA on July 14.

SA is also in broader unity discussion with the FMLN from El Salvador, is strengthening its links with the Tamil community and will also have talks with the Uruguayans.

SA has also made great links with the BeyondZeroEmissions activists to develop a sharp and progressive Environmental policy with real solutions to Climate Change.

There are no kings nor butlers in SA - we are just a bunch of activists and a motely crew drawn together by the desire to build a stronger left and get rid of capitalism; all welcome! and by the way - we are growing.....

margarita windisch
Socialsit Alliance state convener

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