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England:Bloggers move house.

Blogger babble (& Blogger now owned by Google does babble so) seems to have spooked a section of the British far left as left bloggers move their wares from Blogger to Wordpress.(Well two blogs have anyway.) Martin Wicks has taken up a new home here
I am a trade union and political activist, a member of the GMB and Secretary of Swindon Trades Union Council.
Martin's is never a busy blog, but well worth reading anytime because of his considerate POV. He fits out his new home with a critical review:Global warming and public transport.

[Below is a discussion about Blogger vs Wordpress for those who may be interested in such a topic]
This blog however will be staying on Blogger because blogging, tweaking and hacking Blogger is a passionate hobby -- and besides that's all I know. I've got a Wordpress account and while the two platforms are now neck and neck with each other as they compete with widget offers and such, Blogger's very handicap -- its flexibility and openess to hacking-- is, as far as I'm concerned, it's primary attraction.With a bit of research you can even tweak Wordpress templates to Blogger and this blog here was ingenuously built by Fauxzen upon a Wordpress design. The other advantage Blogger has over Wordpress is that it is open to the introduction of a lot of multimedia formats -- java applets and flash players -- where showcasing those on Wordpress is often problematical because Wordpress is so protective of itself.

So if you like it rough and ready --and don't mind the occasional hassle with front office (who never gets back to you or responds to your pleas) -- then Blogger is for you(and me).

Both platforms have now engineered their interface so that people who have no web scripting skills can customize their blog as they choose by following simple-to-use widgets which are revolutionizing the blogging business.

Open an account with both, I suggest, and test run the interface. then tour your favorite blogs to see what they're using and how they are employing their chosen platform.

Blogger and Wordpres, are both free by the way. This means that you can shout out to the world your customized political POV and it won't cost you.

And please, unless you are a rock band or muso -- or into cyber dating -- MySpace isn't a place to conduct political dialogue. I've got a site there too -- but it's just there to raise the Ratbag flag, that's all.

For matters to do with blogging and politics and Web 2.0, check out the Socialist Alliance Digital Media Group site which archives hints and how to's that you may find useful.

And remember that blogging isn't about look and feel; it's all about content --and the dictum runs so: blog well/blog often.

--Dave Riley

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