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Hurley accepts he accidentally caused fatal injuries

[ This is a major breakthrough in the Hurley trial as it establishes that Chris Hurley caused Mulrunji's death in the words of the man that caused it. This is contrary to all assertions these past two and a half years by Hurley, his legal counsel and by the Police Union here in Qld.What now is at stake is whether this harm was by accident or by intention.]The policeman on trial over a Palm Island death in custody has told the Supreme Court in Townsville, north Queensland, that he now accepts that he must have accidentally caused the injuries that killed the man known as Mulrunji.

Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley gave evidence to the court that if he had not seen all the medical evidence presented to the court this week, he would still say he landed beside the deceased when they fell through the door of the Palm Island Police Station in November 2004.

Under cross examination, Sergeant Hurley told the court that if he says now what he thinks happened after hearing all the evidence, he would make himself look like a fool.

Crown prosecutor Peter Davis asked Sergeant Hurley if he was saying that they had fallen and Mulrunji's liver was cleaved in two and he just did not notice.

Sergeant Hurley replied "no".

Questioned if he had dropped a knee on the deceased, Sergeant Hurley replied "no".

Sergeant Hurley has repeatedly denied he is lying.

The prosecution and defence are expected to begin summing up their cases on Monday.

POWDERFINGER - Black Tears lyrics

Fragile little thing go lightly on the wing
Don't be put off your game
If troubled wind should blow you off your way
Natural love and trust
Have downed their tools and struck
The nation's heart it rusts is no suprise
and seems so appropriate today

Black tears on a red rock
Fall right through and they dry up
How could it fail to grab your attention
Black tears on a red rock

These trees bear a strange fruit
Harvesting lies and poisoned blossoms of the truth
There's blood on all our hands and blood on our boots
And black tears on a red rock

An island watch house bed
A black man's lying dead
An island watch house bed
A black man's lying dead

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