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Talisman Sabre 07

Talisman Sabre is the largest military training exercise in Australian history will involve 14,000 US and 12,000 Australian military personnel. The Talisman Sabre ’07 war games will be held at joint US-Australian “training facilities” — Shoalwater Bay in Queensland and Bradshaw and Delamere Range in the Northern Territory. A week of protest action against these war games is being planned at the military base in Shoalwater Bay has begun and should last until June 25. Touch wood, LeftClick hopes to offer daily blogging from the protest from one of our intrepid associates.

If it doesn't work this time we'll tackle such a digital media exercise on another occasion and for another protest. But for details of this protest and how to participate:

Main actions on Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24
TO YEPPOON: Bus departs Sydney afternoon of Thursday 21 June,arrives Yeppoon evening of Friday 22 June.
TO SYDNEY: Departs Yeppoon night of Sunday 24 June,
arrives Sydney night of Monday 25 June. Cost approx $180.00 a seat. Contact Paddy 0415 800 586
The Peace Convergence is going to leave Brisbane on Friday morning the 22nd
of June (about 7am). We'll be back in Brisbane on Monday night (25th June).The cost is $74 return.
We've got a caravan park booked out and it will cost $26 to stay for the
three nights. The bus is filling rapidly, so to ensure a spot please pay as soon as
possible. If you want to catch the bus and camp at the caravan park please
pay $100, if you only want to catch the bus please pay $74.Inquiries phone 0424 265 730

“Aust-US War games are a threat to our region”

“The Talisman Sabre 2007 war games being held at Shoalwater Bay this month are an attack on a priceless area of the Queensland environment, and a threat to the peoples of the Asia-Pacific region,” Jim McIlroy, Socialist Alliance candidate for the Brisbane seat of Griffith, held by Labor leader Kevin Rudd, said today.

“These are the largest ever joint military exercises with the US ever in our history, involving some 32,000 military personnel. Why do we need this massive invasion of Central Queensland, in which one of the most beautiful areas of our coastline, part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, will be blasted with live ammunition of all kinds?

“What is the purpose of this operation, which is a massive waste of taxpayers´ money, apart from anything else? It can only be part of tying the Australian military even more closely with the US superpower´s defence of its world domination. It is clearly a threat to the countries of our region, warning them that if they try to become too independent, and carry out policies which challenge Australian and US hegemony in the Asia-Pacific, they face the prospect of direct military intervention.

“This week´s convergence of peace activists from Brisbane and around Australia on Rockhampton for the Peace Convergence sends a strong anti-war message to the Howard and Bush governments. It adds to the popular pressure for US and Australian troops to get out or Irak and Afghanistan immediately.

“We need international co-operation to build peace and solidarity, not war and environmental destruction. The peace convergence protesters deserve the support of the whole community in their action against the 2007 US-Australian war games,” McIlroy concluded.

Visit www.peaceconvergence.com.

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