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Zero Emissions Conference :Target Zero

Registration for the Zero Emission Network two day conference "TARGET ZERO" is now open.
Full details see the Zero Emission Network website:


The first day will be a foundation building day, focused largely on the solutions needed to implement a fast transition to a Zero Emissions Minus future.

The second day will consist of campaign skills training, workshops, Zero Emission Network AGM and a series of strategic planning meetings around different campaign focuses.

Date: June 30 / July 1
Venue: Casey Plaza Theater - Rear Bld 10 - Bowen Lane - RMIT - Melbourne See map H6

Who should come?
Members of climate action groups, people campaigning on zero emissions, people wishing to find out more about climate change solutions, people who believe a "zero emission minus" goal is not achievable and are willing to be convinced otherwise.


Please register by emailing bookings@zeroemissionnetwork.org.

If emailing please use the subject "Target Zero Booking"

Costs are a suggested donation of:

* $20/10* for the weekend.
* $10/$5* for a day

which can be paid on the day (cash only).

*Part employment, concession, student etc.


The program is looking very interesting with only a few more speakers to confirm.

The draft program is below.


9.00am -10.20am Session 1 – Setting the Scene
Session 1.0 Welcome – Adrian Whitehead – Zero Emission Network Coordinator (10min)
Session 1.1 Why fast action on climate change is needed – James Hansen – NASA - Goddard Institute for Space Studies - VIA internet link up (30min)

Session 1.2 What is Zero Emission Minus and how low do we go – Philip Sutton - Greenleap Strategic Institute (20min)
Session 1.3 Carbon Equity – David Spratt - Carbon Equity Project Australia (20min)

10.20am - 10.50am - MORNING TEA

10.50am – 12.30pm Session 2 – Technological Solutions
Session 2.1 Energy Efficiency – Bruce Thompson - Moreland Energy Foundation (25min)
Session 2.2 Zero Emission Stationary Energy – Matthew Wright - Beyond Zero Emissions (25min)
Session 2.3 Sustainable Buildings – Andrew Walker-Morison - Building Materials Expert (25min)
Session 2.4 Zero Emission Transport – Matthew Wright - Beyond Zero Emissions (25min)

12.30pm - 1.20pm - LUNCH

1.20pm – 2.35pm Session 3 – Biological Solutions
Session 3.1 Forests – Chris Taylor - Beyond Zero Emissions (25min)
Session 3.2 Agriculture – Adrian Whitehead - Zero Emission Network (25min)
Session 3.3 Biological Sequestration TBA (25min)

2.35pm-3.00pm Session 4a - Economics
Session 4.1 Sustainable Profits – TBA (25min)

3.00pm - 3.20pm – AFTERNOON BREAK

3.20pm-5.25pm Session 5 – On the Horizon
Session 5.1 Carbon Trading – Mike Cebon - Global Trade Watch TBC (25min)
Session 5.2 Systemic Change – Philip Sutton - Greenleap Strategic Institute (25min)
Session 5.3 Solar Thermal – Dr Keith Lovegrove - ANU - VIA internet link up - TBC (25min)
Session 5.4 Molecular BioFuel – Dr Warwick Hillier - ANU - VIA internet link up - TBC (25min)
Session 5.5 Hot Rocks – Dr Adrian Williams Geodynamics Limited (25min)

5.25pm - 5.30pm Close Day 1


9.00am -9.40am Session 1 – Effective Campaigning
Session 1.0 Welcome – Matthew Wright – Beyond Zero Emissions (10min)
Session 1.1 Effective Campaigning an Introduction – Adrian Whitehead – Zero Emission Network Coordinator (30min)

9.40am - 11.00am Session 2 - Success Stories

Session 2.1 Campaign 1 - TBA - community political campaign(20min)
Session 2.2 Taking on Shell - Catherine Jones - corporate community campaign (20min)
Session 2.3 Stone Haven Power Station - TBA - community picket (20min)
Session 2.4 TBA (20min)

11.00am - 11.30am - MORNING TEA

11.30am – 12.30pm Session 3 – Skills Workshops 1 - Concurrent
Session 3.a Guide to Effective Lobbying - TBA
Session 3.b Running a meeting - Adrian Whitehead
Session 3.c Messaging Zero Emissions – Matthew Wright

12.30pm - 1.30pm - LUNCH

1.30pm – 2.30pm Session 4 – Skills Workshops 2
Session 4.a Federal Election Campaigning - Adrian Whitehead
Session 4.b Setting Up a Climate Action Group - Matthew Wright / Shannon Higgs
Session 4.c Media

2.30pm - 3.00pm Session 5.1 Focus Discussions (concurrent)
Session 5.a Nuclear Campaign – Discussion led by TBC
Session 5.b Federal Election 2007 Climate Campaign - Discussion led by Adrian Whitehead
Session 5.c Zero Emission Councils Campaign – Discussion led by Matthew Wright / Shannon Higgs
Session 5.d Taking the zero emissions / minus goal into mainstream organisations that
can shape the economy (eg. corporations, government departments, etc.)) - Discussion led by Philip Sutton
Session 5.e Forest Campaign and Climate Change - Discussion led by TBA

3.00pm - 3.30pm – AFTERNOON BREAK (Optional)

3.30pm - 4.15pm Session 5.2 Focus Discussions (continued)

4.15pm - 4.25pm Close of Conference

4.30pm - 5.00 pm Zero Emission Network AGM
Session 5a.1 Report (10 min)
Session 5a.2 Ratification of New Constitution (10 min)
Session 5a.3 Election of Office Bearers / Executive Committee (10 min)

Supported by

Beyond Zero Emissions

Adrian Whitehead
Zero Emission Network
Level 2, 140 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

0403 735 118

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