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Change where change is due

There is talk of an early August election...voting won't do muchbut you have to start somewhere....so we're looking for inspirational slogans to throw around. Any suggestions?

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Ian Angus | July 01, 2007

This is very well done, and very clever.

But, as a distant observer, I'm puzzled by the slogan "Don't Change the climate, change the system," which I've seen before from Australian socialists. In this context "Don't change the climate" is meant to mean "stop changing the climate," but when I first saw it, I interpreted it as "Don't do anything about climate change!" which is the opposite of what is mean. Ambiguity is not a good thing in slogans ...

Dave Riley | July 01, 2007

I doubt that the image was used in any major capacity. I came upon it while reviewing a 2006 state election campaign. It's charming though. Our election slogan in the SA for this year's poll is "People before profits/Climate before profits"

Ginny Brown | July 02, 2007

Hmmm ... "voting won't do much but you have to start somewhere". I think that the history and science of class struggle must supply us with more inspiration for slogans than that. (And if we just encourage workers to try saving the planet thru voting, we're all fucked. I think we should remember that the confident presentation of a real alternative is inspiring in itself.)
I agree that "People before profits" and "Climate before profits" are succinct and political. There's also "Don't just vote, act to change the system and save the planet" ... etc

Peter Boyle | July 02, 2007

Actually Socialist Alliance's main campaign slogan for the 2007 Australian federal election is" People before profits! PLANET before profits!

Dave Riley | July 02, 2007

I was referring to the cute image. mea culpa!

Dave Riley | July 02, 2007

I've been busily trying to reformat the Zero Emission presentation for the web as the present audio 'chipmunks' in a flash player. The exercise is such that I had to go through the audio twice and what Hansen is saying is horrific.

Great presentation. You should give it a listen...but IU haven't fixed it for flash players yet but you can download the file to play or use a QuickTime plug in.

So with the SA we have to project a sense of urgency + a sense of optimism + a way forward ... and a recognition that many measures and a massive campaign will be required to address this overwhelming issue of global warming.

Sure, "we have to start somewhere" but The Greens problem is that they say that going Green is electing a new representatives into parliament. Thats' supposed to be enough in terms of kick starting the tinkering that's required.

People/Planet before profits says a lot more than "change the planet" and it says that in stronger and heavier, more comprehensible terms. But I think we need other headers actually to assist that advocacy.

Catch phases that need to push the argument along.

The Socialist Alliance climate charter process --See charter draft here -- is an attempt to move that advocacy beyond a few pithy words. We just closed off the open slaver editing process and are attacking final drafting while dealing with size constraints.

Maybe Ian Angus would have it that we need a sharper socialism or barbarism edge...and in actual terms I agree-- but it's like we gotta say that we need an socialist revolution within the space of x number of years -- 10? 20? 25? And this seems a little strident in way of agitational argument. So we need to crouch things in more transitional terms...but how transituional is feasible without actually lying or misrepresenting or ignoring good science.

We had this discussion in the SA , you see...

Our problem with the charter's emissions targets was that we have to keep up with current science and when you consider Hansen -- OUR PROBLEM is primarily convincing people that carbon blowouts are really very very bad indeed.

So maybe a headline like :Panic! would be apt? But lets say, I'm open to more options and our marker of Planet before profits/People before profits -- is pretty darn good [especially as both slogan parts have an equal number of letters and that lends itself to creative graphics..]

Ian Angus | July 02, 2007

Dave wrote: "Maybe Ian Angus would have it that we need a sharper socialism or barbarism edge... this seems a little strident in way of agitational argument."

Actually, Ian Angus agrees with you entirely. "Ecosocialism or barbarism" is not an agitational slogan at all, and I would never suggest using it as such. It's part of the headline on my Capitalism and Climate blog, because (I think) it sums up a political analysis, and makes the blog's Marxist standpoint clear to anyone who may be interested in its content.

"People before profit/Planet before profit" is very good indeed. It's clear and understandable at many lels. It provides a headline and theme for a socialist program, for demands that target the "profits before people" system in action.

Ian Angus

Dave Riley | July 02, 2007

The irony is Ian, that there's not much room to be transitional! thats' the most amazing thing that is so hard to get used to. We are indeed stuck with Luxembourg's options...but we don't have the movements to turn them into historical choices. Just yet anyway.

Are we going to fight this power station by power station, coal mine by mine...or can we find ways to galvanize outlook and concern into a ready and very concrete set of demands and, yes, slogans?

The free public transport exercises here are very useful in that regard but we need to be able to tweak our interventions so that the socialistic logic is in play. In one way the main parties here play into our hands by being so keen at denial and promoting basket case 'solutions'.

I get the feeling that this geo-political issue will only really begin to move when the planet is roaring back at us with avengence: massive heat waves, flooding, storms, drought, coastal drowning, species die off...

I am reminded of the adage about revolution: that it happens when the old society cannot continue as of yore.

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