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Defend Our Rights at Work! Tear up all of Work Choices!

Please find below the link to the on-line petition "Defend Our Rights at Work! Tear Up all of Work Choices", launched in a personal capacity by present and former trade union officials and active trade unionists who have signed the covering letter recommending it.

As is clear from its wording the point of the petition is:

  1. To pressure the ACTU and State, Territory and regional labour councils to call another national day of protest against Work Choices, and
  2. To demand that the ALP opposition commit to tearing up this and other anti-union legislation, like the Australian Building and Construction Commission Act, completely.

You can sign the petition by going to:here.

If you wish to promote the petition from your web site add the following link:

Online petition - Defend Our Rights at Work! Tear up all of Work

Please send this post as an email to all your contacts to help the campaign to defend our rights at work and defeat Work Choices win!

Yours in solidarity,
Sue Bolton (National Trade Union Coordinator, Socialist Alliance)

CLICK & SIGN Online petition - Defend Our Rights at Work! Tear up all of Work Choices!
On behalf of the signatories.
SIGNATORIES (as of July 1, positions for purposes of identification only)
• Gary Robb, Victorian assistant secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
• Len Cooper, Victorian secretary, Communications Division Telecommunications & Services Branch, Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union
• Chris Cain, WA secretary, Maritime Union of Australia
• Jamie Doughney, Victorian Division President, National Tertiary Education Union
• Tim Gooden, Geelong Trades Hall Council Secretary (Vic)
• Jim Casey, Senior Vice-President, Fire Brigade Employees Union (NSW)
• John Parker, Gippsland Trades & Labour Council Secretary (Vic)
• Chris Spindler, Victorian Organiser, AMWU
• Susan Price, UNSW branch president, NTEU (NSW)
• Dave Bell, former Trade Union Training Officer, NSW Teachers Federation, former State Secretary NSW Greens
• Jeremy Smith, Ballarat University branch president, NTEU (Vic)
• Mick Baker, WA MUA organizer
• Carol Williams, Monash University branch president, NTEU (Vic)
• Margaret Donehue, South West Trades & Labour Council secretary (Vic)
• Union Solidarity, (Melbourne)

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