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Footage of Che Guevara at UN, 1964, plus spirit of Che today

Great, although quite short, footage of Che Guevara in 1964 addressing the UN general assembly slamming the crimes of imperialism.

(You can read the whole speech here )

The enthusiastic response to Che's denunciations reflects the huge anti-colonial and anti-imperialist upsurge that was shaking Africa, Asia and Latin America at the time - he refers particularly to the murder of the socialist Lumumba who lead the successful struggle against Belgium colonialism only to be killed in a plot involving the CIA.

It was in this tradition that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was following with his speech to the UN last year that slammed war and imperialism - angering the US government and corporate media but inspiring people around the world with his willingess to get up and speak the truth at the UN, as Che had done decades earlier.

The struggle against imperialism lead by Che is continuing today, especially in Latin America with the Venezuelan revolution at its head.

In Australia we will have a unique and extremely valuable chance to engage with and learn from the new revolutionary movements in Latin America continuing the fight waged by Che Guevara at the Latin America and Asia Pacific Forum in Melbourne, October 11-14 in Melbourne.

Among those confirmed to attend are revolutionarues from Venezuela, including William Izarra, a veteran revolutionary who has been a leader of the Bolivarian movement since its earliest days.

Also confirmed to attend is Sandino Carrizales, a revolutionary student and representative of the new generation of militants who have emerged in recent years to help lead Venezuela's revolutionary process that is remaking the country and inspiring people around the world.

Activists are also confirmed to attend from other Latin American countries, to give a feel for the continent-wide revolt gripping the Americas, incudling from: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba, and El Salvador.

There will also be participants from a wide-range of other countries to represent the gobal struggle, including confirmed or likely particiapants from: Indonesia, East Timor, Philipenes, Pakistan, Korea, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Fiji, Mauritus, Chili, Mexico, New Zealand, and Canada.

For more details visit Venezuela Solidarity

The spirit of Che lives!

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Stuart | July 20, 2007

Footage of Che addressing UN with subtitles


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