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The new LeftClick template is ALREADY here

I've been flat out drafting a web presence for the Socialist Alliance federal election campaign within m the confines of my very limited webmastering skills. The hiccup here in the way the blog worked was not appreciated as I am busy enough elsewhere in cyberspace.

However, welcome to NEO. [Fanfare! Rah ! Tar Tah!]

My hobby is exploring Blogger hacks and NEO is a very powerful blog template created by Ramani (pictured) at Hackosphere.

You'll find it loads faster and it easier to explore, especially via the labels option. I think it suits the multimedia edge I'm trying to develop. And, fortunately, I got my drop down posts option back as that is something I cannot live without.

I will of course! be hacking it some more. Thats' the fun part.

Since I'm turning the labouring corner and will be back in full posting mode soon enough -- I would like to that "LeftClick's resident philosopher", Alex Miller, for posting in my absence. It wasn't planned but you now how intuitive professional philosophers can be....Hi is the UK too.

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Anonymous | July 16, 2007

Word has it that it is going to take Cmde Riley a while to get this right. but it's worth it on NEO with all its bells and whistles.

Dave Riley | July 17, 2007

The new LeftClick blog is smokin! A few more fiddles to get the flow just so and the world will be our blogging oyster.

Only one issue -- especially for those who post here: don't go generating more tags/labels in a hurry.Let me do it, if you will. The way the top page is set up I'd like to keep the full list of labels in the same screen(without having to scroll) as the block that displays them (to the right)when you click a label.

Easier navigation. Fewer clicks required to get places.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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