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MUA media supporting APEC protests: Peaceful protests, violent world leaders

Posted by Stuart Munckton

[Also the NSW firefighters union is endorsing and participating in the anti-APEC protests, and endorsements have come from local branchs of some other unions, such as the Teachers Federation. Such support is crucial to both building the protests as broad as possible and attempting to counter media, police and government attempts to isolate and attack those who protest at APEC.]

Peaceful protests – Violent World Leaders
03 August 2007

By MUA - Sydney Branch -

The Sydney Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia rejects entirely any suggested implication that demonstrating against the injustices of globalisation and war means support for violence.

"A recent police training video which featured MUA officials participating in legal non-violent protests is a disgraceful attack on democratic rights and the right of community members to oppose the injustices of globalisation and war" said Sydney Branch Secretary Warren Smith

"To highlight our union and other concerned members of the community in this way is a disgrace and should not be tolerated in a democratic society. This is about linking legitimate protestors to terrorism and violence. The real perpetrators of violence are among the participants of APEC who openly support the illegal war in Iraq" said Mr. Smith.

"If they want to see real terrorists they should be showing film footage of George Bush. If they want to see violence they should be looking at the devastation of the war in Iraq."

The MUA is unashamedly involving itself in the organisation of peaceful protests against APEC. It is these bodies of globalisation that are driving working people, including Australian maritime workers, to compete in a race to the bottom with the most exploited workers in the world.

This is what John Howard's WorkChoices is all about, forcing Australians to compete with third world standards. We are about raising third world standards not lowering Australia's standard of living.

The MUA calls on the police hierarchy to make public the so-called training video that they have already displayed to business leaders.

Contact: Warren Smith 0400 368 945

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