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Anti-WorkChoices protest warning

John Masanauskas
Herald Sun
September 25, 2007 12:00am

EMPLOYERS have been warned not to pay any workers who walk off the job and take part in an anti-WorkChoices protest tomorrow.

Up to 30,000 building and manufacturing workers are expected to shut down a major part of the CBD when they march from Carlton to Flinders St station from 10am.

Organised by the Trades Hall Council, it will be the first major rally this year against the Howard Government's workplace changes.

The last mass protest was held at the MCG in November last year, but unions failed in their bid to fill the arena.

Speakout in support of Melbourne union rally to
protest WorkChoices
Noon to 2pm, Wednesday 26 September
Garema Place, Civic, ACT

Despite the absence of an ACTU Your Rights at Work rally of working people this year, a meeting on August 22 in Melbourne of 500 union workplace delegates from the building, construction, manufacturing and related industries endorsed a proposal from the Victorian Trades Hall Council's building industry group of unions for a pre-federal election mass rally and march in Melbourne on Wednesday 26 September during the Victorian school holidays to protest the negative impact of WorkChoices and other federal government policies on thousands of working peoples' families. See an article from the Green Left Weekly newspaper on how this rally came about, and the debate around it, at http://www.greenleft.org.au/2007/722/37489.

Socialist Alliance is supporting the Melbourne rally as a means for working people to have a voice about their industrial rights, conditions and pay under WorkChoices, and at this time for us all to feel the extra confidence when we gather to make our voice and views stronger. Come along, protest, and have your say. More information at http://www.socialist-alliance.org/page.php?page=689.

Socialist Alliance will be standing Farida Iqbal in the federal seat of Fraser (north Canberra) to put forward the industrial, environmental and social policies that working people need. We will be standing on the principle of "People and Planet before Profits". For more information, see http://www.socialist-alliance.org/act/.
If you can help setup stall tables and provide other assistance at the speakout, please contact Andrew on 0438 624 744 (m).

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