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No room to forgive Bob Collins

by Dave Riley

Further allegations that the late ALP senator for the Northern Territory, Bob Collins (pictured left), was a serial rapist and pedophile have now surfaced in the wake of his death last week.A death that is now being reviewed as a possible suicide.

While he was facing charges of child sex offences at the time of his death, Collins is still to be given a state funeral as a matter of political form.

Yes, that's correct: despite the seriousness of the charges, Collins is to be sent off with the best the state can offer in way of official brouhaha. After all, he did receive Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for services to the Northern Territory... and indigenous rights.

Bob Collins has now really put the Northern Territory on the map....in much the same way that John Howard has done.

(Credit where credit is due).

But in today's edition of The Bulletin detailed allegations by the great Aboriginal actor Tom. E.Lewis -- accuse Collins of sexual assault.
"It's caused a lot of bitterness, and twistedness in my spirit," Lewis tells the magazine. "I've been beaten, flogged, you name it, when I was a kid. I can forgive those people. I've been ripped and called a f---in' whitefella in a black community. Everything. I can still forgive those people. I've got no room to forgive this Collins. Bullshit. [If] black people rape everybody and anybody who do anything like that, they have their name splattered everywhere."
As more people come forward with similar accusations against this ALP stalwart -- the contradiction that the once-upon-a-time white senator for the Northern Territory was a dedicated rapist and pedophile makes the whole Howard and ALP backed invasion of the NT by the Australian military a bit of a very sick joke indeed.

Members of parliament can rape and molest youngsters with impunity over decades...and still get a bang up send off. But the blackfellas must be collectively called to account with more drastic (and more urgent ) measures regardless.

One could almost call that a tad hypocritical! Almost.

Shouldn't all these troops and doctors now freely rampaging through the Northern Territory Indigenous communities be asked to impose the same vetting regime on the Houses of Parliament and even on the Australian Labor Party? And shouldn't these same parliamentarians have their access to alcohol withdrawn and their dvd collections scrutinied for pornography?

Just to be fair, you see..and even handed of course! Otherwise anyone would think that the whole NT thing with its troops, medical checks and the like was a scam and political stunt with a land grab agenda.

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Brad. | September 26, 2007

Just in:"A planned state memorial service for former Labor senator Bob Collins will be called off after the federal government today withdrew its offer of a tribute because of new child sex allegations."

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