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by Peter Boyle

I have just been telephoned by Katarina Pujiastuti, InternationalRelations Officer of the national Liberation Party of Unity (PAPERNAS- www.papernas.org) in Indonesia about a serious threat of attack from right-wing militia against a mass gathering of some 500-700 Papernas activists in the city of Lampung.

They do not have access to internet at present but can be reached on their mobile phones (Dita Sari + 62817711122, Katarina Pujiastuti +6281584368608).

Although they had prebooked their venue a month ahead, the owners are now asking that they leave for fear of attack and while the police had granted them a permit for the gathering, they are now setting up bureaucratic obstacles to recognising that permit.

The owner and the comrades have been receiving threats by telephone from a militia group called Pemuda Pancasila which claims to be about to attack with a force of 1000. Papernas has been the subject of serial violent attacks from right-wing militia groups since its formation.

Papernas is asking for supporters around the world to send urgent calls supporting their right to assembly to:

Governor of Lampung: Syarudin J P +62811888877, +628127211629

Regional Police Chief: Suharjono Kamimo +628127214625

And to send messages of solidarity to Katarina Pujiastuti +6281584368608 .

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Peter Boyle | September 03, 2007

Papernas' International Relations Officer Katarina Pujiastuti
has just rung with an update about the situation in the city of
Lampung. The Papernas mass gathering is proceeding with a very large
police presence attending. She says there is still a threat because it
is not clear that the police are there to defend their right to assembly
or the opposite!

Papernas is requesting that we still send messages of support and
demands that the police respect their right to assembly and protect them
from any attack.

Faxes can be sent to the National Police Headquarter +62 217207277

Copies can be faxed to Papernas at: Fax +62 218354513

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