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Video of Sydney student protest/walkout against Bush visit

Photos: Sydney students walkout against Bush and Howard

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Peter Boyle | September 05, 2007

These high school walkouts that Resistance has been initiating for some years now are always very high energy affairs. The "grown ups" - including cops, journalists, ageing activists - are usually puffed out from trying to keep up with the students. It is exciting, invigorating and a shot in the arm for anyone feeling a bit tired of the long political struggle. You can get the atmosphere from the videpo (sorry about the quality) but also from this Sydney Morning Herald slideshow.

Dave Riley | September 05, 2007

Todays WAG rally here in Brisbane was very moving and spirited and inspiring -- As I said to one of my vintage: on the train in I felt like going up and kissing the youth that joined the train from my own kids' old high school. But in Queens Park these youths were masters of their own political views and absolutely committed to the politics to hand -- an element that has sometimes not been so consistent throughout other walkouts.

The rest of the far left was almost non existent. It was Resistance's show all the way -- with hip hopping and so much gumption and verve.

And you know how important it is to galvanize the crowd early into the one entity. It doesn't always happen of course -- well that kicked in very easily and very early I thought. There was a 'community' galvanized and fed by a passion and a spirit I haven't seen in such numbers for some time.

When he got home from his share of the protest my 16 y/o son --a new Res member --was delighted with the day's output.

Stuart Munckton | September 06, 2007

There are also photos of Brisbane here.


Stuart Munckton | September 06, 2007

Having attended the Sydney protest, I have to say the students who took part are absolute heroes.

As well as the incredible campaign of intimidation by police, government and many school administrations (including at least one school who locked their students in), on the day swarms of police stalked Central Station just opposite the rally site, stopping anyone who looked like a high school student, demanding their names and school (to inform school authorities), threatening students with arrest if they attend (which they can't do, just bluff) and attempting to direct students away from the rally. A number were turned away in this fashion, making it even more brave for those who defied this.

These students have set an important example of how to challenge the state - they held a militant, lively but entirely peaaceful demonstration. It sets an example for the rest of the community to follow on Saturday - defy the state intimidation, without playing into its hands by giving them a much-desired pretext for violence.

Dave Riley | September 06, 2007

Stuart is so right.Yesterday's protests were a major exercise in drawing a line in the sand for the sort of politics that is needed now so urgently -- especially in the lead up to a federal poll.

And to do that in the context of a frenzied campaign of intimidation, denigration and provocation reflects so strongly on what can be achieved if we do our politics with tactical nouse and immense courage.

Yes. It took a lot of guts to stay the course -- let's not forget that and Australia owes a massive political debt to these young people...and Resistance.

While there is Saturday yet to come -- the Resistance instigated protest sets a benchmark which makes it more difficult for the cops and agent provocateurs to highjack the politics and the protest.

My view is that Howard is losing big time through this APEC exercise so far. Big time.

He's alienated Sydneysiders ( workers,commuters and business); beaten a self evident sham drum about violence; exposed the lengths he is prepared to go to intimidate the population with his own boutique terrorism; set up the imperialist dignitaries to be seen as unsallied and arrogant emperors ... something really special has to come out of APEC to make all this outlay even a smiggin worthwhile. And that's not going to be a Iraq withdrawal is it? Or a climate package that goes beyond coal or nuclear? Or anything many folk can be the least bit upbeat or excited about.

Theres' nothing on offer for any of us.

Instead we get more ANZUS stuff -- a stronger merging with the US war machine -- while Howard and Iemma in effect make Joh Bjelke Petersen look like an archaic and wimpy liberal.

Even the media have broken through the deceit and while it has swallowed the 'violent protestors' spin job JH and the APEC exercise doesn't seem to be earning much in the way of good press.

If the protest line can be held on Saturday (and rest assured there is so much riding on breaking it physically and violenty -- millions of dollars let alone the core politics at stake) then APEC is going to be an absolute and unholy disaster for JH.

Stuart Munckton | September 06, 2007

Selling Green Left Weekly today at UTS and talking to people about the protests at APEC, I came across the very common attitude of people who were supportive of the protest, and defintately interested in coming, but also very intimidated by the media and just unsure - they don't want to go to a "full scale riot",which the police are assuring us is inevitable. They are worried of mass arrests and police brutality.

I found having the example of yesterday's student strike was very valuable to help allay people's fears by showing that it has been possible to have a lively but peaceful demonstration despite all the harrassment and intimidation.

Another reason to be grateful for the courage of the students, and also for Resistance activists the dedicted and professional way they organised the protest.

John Tracey | September 06, 2007

Dave, you said.....

"There was a 'community' galvanized and fed by a passion and a spirit I haven't seen in such numbers for some time."

I thought you said you were at the Mulrunji protests?

Barry B | September 06, 2007

All out Saturday! Go Sydney!

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