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All jokes must go!

"If Jesus Christ were alive today, he'd be a vegan who looked like Rod Quantock, and you'd find him up at your local polling booth on election day handing out how to vote Socialist Alliance cards with a baby strapped to his back."

Quote from The Age.John Howard is leaving so ALL JOKES MUST GO to make way for a new line of Kevin Rudd jokes

Rod Quantock presents an evening of mixed emotions

John Howard's Farewell Party

After eleven years of loyal service John Winston Howard will be leaving us.

'I'm a bit ambivalent about his going,' Quantock said. 'On the one hand you'd like to drive a stake through his heart. I've even thought of beating him to death with Alexander Downer. On the other hand he's been great for comedy.'

To commemorate the event, Rod is opening his comic crypt and inviting you to join him on a walk down memory toll way to relive the 'metallurgical rise of the Man of Steal'.

By picking the eyes out of shows like Scum Nation, The Axis of Stupidity, Howard on Ice, Arselickers & Other Rodents, Baghdad Nights and Demockracy, Quantock promises a fond farewell to his muse.

We'll leave the tributes to President Bush who said: 'John? That's a toilet ain't it, Karl?'

'Quantock is our best political comedian. He may simply be our best comedian.' The Herald Sun

'Revolutionary, outrageous, weird. A master of effortless comedy.' Sydney Morning Herald


Dates & Times: Tuesday 6 November to Saturday 10 November at 8pm

& Sunday 11 November at 6pm

Address: Trades Hall, Carlton

Tickets: $33.99 full and $20.98 conc

Bookings: Tickets at the door or easytix.com.au or 03 9639 0096

P.O. Box 311
Clifton Hill 3068

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