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Jesus as SA member

``If Jesus Christ were alive today, he'd be a vegan who looked like Rod Quantock, and you'd find him up at your local polling booth on election day handing out how to vote Socialist Alliance cards with a baby strapped to his back.''

Women bishops banned one day, but OK the next. What gives?
by Catherine Deveny
Good on those crazy radical Anglicans for caving in — better late than never, I say. Next they'll have a wireless hotspot and an espresso machine in every church. They've trawled through their intricate patriarchal web of texts; the words of God, the unshakeable cornerstones of beliefs, and the church doctrines, and they've changed their mind.

It's all mumbo jumbo witch doctoring to me. If Jesus Christ were alive today, he'd be a vegan who looked like Rod Quantock, and you'd find him up at your local polling booth on election day handing out how to vote Socialist Alliance cards with a baby strapped to his back.

So why do I care? Because it's fascinating how the slow crumbling of some of the stuffiest old-fashioned fundamentals of Christianity is happening at precisely the same time that traditional churches are having trouble getting bums on seats. And just when cults such as Hillsong are going off like a frog in a sock.

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Anonymous | October 04, 2007

Shhh... Don't tell anyone. Rod Quantock is no longer a member of the Socialist Alliance - and now has significant differences with them.

Dave Riley | October 04, 2007

0h my!No one said that Rod Quantrock was an SA member. In fact I didn't know that he had been....but watch this space for a follow up video perhaps with Rod -- despite his supposed "significant differences".

The joke was-- you silly billy! -- that Jesus would "look like" Rod Q(image to the left) etc -- and in fact could be someone like...let's see...ummmm ...Alex Bainbridge (image on the right)who is known to distribute SA How to Votes with a baby strapped to his back.

And Alex , the spokesperson for the recent APEC protests, is standing for the Senate for the SA in the upcoming federal election.

But Dear Anonymous you have fallen into the trap of failing to note why the joke works. The reference is made by the writer in confidence that the readers of The Age would know what she is getting at.That the SA isn't as unknown, as you are, for instance.

And you, silly billy, won't allow that to register in your head. Heres' a darn good joke and all you can milk it for is sectarian sniggery.

Anonymous | October 09, 2007

Paul Benedek did


Dave Riley | October 09, 2007

Let's consider Paul Benedek's assertions way back in 2003 in the supposedly damming post of his.

initiated by 8 socialist organisations, now with around 2000 financial members and I believe (at last count) around 30 branches, but could be more....new branches are being formed on the Central Coast of NSW, in parts of Brisbane, and are being looked to in the Blue Mountains.

The number of branches have fallen as within urban areas some district consolidation has accompanied the fight back downturn since 2003/2004. The socialist affiliates have exited over the last 12 month -- all pretty much empty handed with nothing to show for their oppositional and hostile stance during the previous five years. Since Paul's contribution the SA nontheless has gazetted new branches in the Blue Mountains, Armidale, the Goild Coast, Perth Hills and will likely create one in North Queensland/Cairns over the next period.

Joined by militant unionists across the country including Chris Cain (state secretary, MUA WA), Craig Johnson (former state secretary Victorian AMWU, leader within the militant Workers First group), Naomi Arrowsmith (former secretary Port Kembla branch of ALP and NSW CPSU organiser), plus the likes of the best known Australian marxist Humphrey Macqueen, left comedian Rod Quantock, Peggy Trompf (workers health centre Sydney)....

I'm rusty and haven't kept up but we can add a few more names to this list since that time, such as Joan Doyle , State Secretary of the Communications Employees Union (Postal and Telecommunications Division). As I said I hadn't realized that Quantock was a SA member at one stage, nonetheless he will be doing/featuring in an election campaign video for the SA which will be shot this month.

McQueen did drop out of the SA but rejoined, I understand. I'm not familiar with the others. Here in Qld, I could name drop too, you see as I know who's who here but I'm a bit un-infomed as to interstate members.

But I can say, in general, that outside the ranks of the ALP the Socialist Alliance boasts the largest trade union network in the country -- still very small and tenuous, but a network of officials and rank and file unionists who have worked mighty hard to oppose the vote #1 ALP strategy of the ACTU in regard to fighting Work Choices.

You have to excuse my inability to know who's who as the SA is much bigger than the rest of the organised far left combined -- with, in some cases, these socialist projects numbering no more than a dozen members. One SA affiliate had all of 3 members.

Does anyone have any estimates as to the size of each of the far left groupuscules outside the SA at the moment?It's' always handy to do an occasional inventory.

From Dick Nicols | October 09, 2007

Dear comrades,
This is just a note to inform everyone that Socialist Alliance NSW today received correspondence from Electoral Commission NSW informing us that the party has retained its status as a registered party in NSW.

With this news we have completed the 2007 round of reregistration efforts,and have registered party status in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and federally.

The time has now come to tackle the other States and Territories!
Comradely regards,
Dick Nichols
National Coordinator

Anonymous | September 21, 2008

Good thing those Anglicans and 'want to be female officiators', only think they speak for God.

Won't they be surprised in the next life when their authority to do so is not recognized by The Almighty. This will apply to the clergy male, female, old, new.

One with the authority said it a right when he recorded, "For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it—"

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