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Pakistan arrests need solidarity

by Nasir Mansoor

Labour Party Chairperson Comrade Nisar Shah Advocate, a leading lawyer is arrested along with dozens of protesting lawyers in Islamabad today during protest demonstration.

Since the imposition of emergency by the military dictator Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) is on streets with other protesting democratic forces. Comrade Nisar Shah had been organizing numbers of protest demos in markets, thoroughfares and on public places of the capital and also in Rawalpindi city against the military rule till the today morning when he was arrested durring the demo. He was severely tortured by the police at the moment of his arrest. He is shifted to unknown place.

There will be a protest against the Emergency Rule in Pakistan outside the Pakistan High Commission, 4 Timbarra Cres, O'Malley ACT 2606 at 10am tomorrow Friday November 9. Protests are also being organised in other
Australian cities - please spread the word to friends.

More details on Canberra protest: 02-6262 5924

News from Labour Party Pakistan:


In Australia please send donations to the Labour Party Pakistan via the Peoples Power Fighting Fund:
Commonwealth Bank
BSB number: 062026.
Account number: 1006 0743.

Three other party Comrades are still missing after the arrests and we all are searching for them different police stations of the capital to know about their where abouts.

It is third big assault on party comrades since the second coup of General Musharaf., first the Lahore police raided LPP General Secretary Comrade Farooq Tariq’s house two time and misbehave with the inmates in very inhuman manner and still trying to arrest Comrade Farooq who has gone under ground for a while to organize the protest movement of the paty very soon, in second attempt two leading party comrades were arrested from the HRCP office from the meeting of all civil societies organizations. Comrade Khalid Malik and Comrade Azra Shad were arrested two days ago along with Asma Jahangir, I A Rehman and other left wing activists in Lahore and now today in a protest demo in Islamabad Comrade Nisar Shah is arrested.

In Karachi party comrade Shakeel Malik was beaten up by the police when he and other party comrades trying to safe Karachi Press Club General Secretary Najeeb and other journalists from the police torture.

Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) is going to launch joint protest demos all over the country against military rule.

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Curaezipirid usually in the internet | November 09, 2007


this is a bit of a long shot for enabling the moderators to let it be in this spot: but there is some remote or other connection with Pakistan. The only bit of detail about that connection is through a brief essay in my word press web log named lay sociology

as for the other part: it is a straight matter of needing immediate witness of this letter I have just made early this morning for the ABC TV and Green Party, in respect of the show last night on ABC called "difference of opinion"

I could not sleep last night and decided to come into the city for the night a 24/7 internet gaming cafe, thinking to put some commentary into the ABC site since the programme went to air alright and had a few really overly left wing elements.

But the ABC website is fully geared into policing of the anti-terrorist legislation: to the degree of amusing levels of evidence manifesting. Maybe we are seditious to write words like "War", and "Terror", or even "construction industry" within the same sentence as "preventing drug sales", and "enabling reductions in greenhouse causing emissions": but now I am blatantly exaggerating the case for the sake of a laugh.

The connection with Pakistan is in the fact that the level of policing I am experiencing, which makes me very sensitised to all policing, is totally defined by the fact that I am a genuine left wing Aussie Mussie.

The whole of the left wing of Islam is being brow beaten into submission in a horrendous way internationally; and the culprits will have to be caused to face up the the music that it is the left wing Muslims whom know the pattern of reading Qur'an for preventing Global Warming. Hopefully we can cause that here in Australia with more ease than it can happen immediately in countries like Pakistan; or even, but maybe especially, the UK.

It is no secret in Islam that all those Muslim leaders set up to seem to be the most democratic and least warring, are in fact the far right wing.

I'll post this, and see what happens, with size and all that, then post my strange letter which I need a bit of immediate witness to before sending it on in to the ABC for their staff to cross reference with their computers and ASIO responses at their end.

Curaezipirid usually in the internet | November 09, 2007
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Curaezipirid usually in the internet | November 09, 2007
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Curaezipirid usually in the internet | November 09, 2007
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