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EngageMedia Update

Featured Videos for November - Content Highlights From New Contributions to the Site

In the first of regular updates regarding content highlights we hope to bring you, we present the featured videos for the month of November. We have had many wonderful videos uploaded in the last few weeks, these are just a few of the contributions that stood out for us. Issues covered include plantation forests in Tasmania, the nuclear industry, climate change, migration and refugees and the effects of globalisation on Asian farmers.

When the Plantations Came by Shivanii Cameron
When the Plantations Came's thumbnail image
A moving 30 minute documentary produced in 2001, showing how people's lives are affected by the woodchipping plantation industry in Tasmania. Interviews with those living on the land - organic farmers, retirees and others - about how the clearing and poisoning of land affects them directly, and with people such as eco-tourism operators who tell how sustainable industries are put under threat by the destructive practices of large forestry corporations. Images of the incredible beauty of wild forests in Tasmania are contrasted by the devastation and plantation monocultures that threaten the bio-diversity of this region.

What You Need by Scott Alderson
What You Need's thumbnail image
A music video clip about the sleazy nature of nuclear politics, produced by The Scarab Studio. Nothing is what it seems in politics... Scarab is a progressive collective of artists and filmmakers, and is now an exciting emergent Australian production company and successful maker of broadcast and web documentaries and short films.

Ziggy's anti-nuclear tour, or 'Vote the Bastards Out!' by Peter
Ziggy's anti-nuclear tour, or 'Vote the Bastards Out!''s thumbnail image
Ziggy the 'no nukes' white elephant toured Melbourne on Thursday 22 November to spread the message before the election; at the GPO he was part of the audience for a performance of 'Vote the Bastards Out' given by an impromptu choir directed by Stephen Taberner of the Spooky Men's Chorale ...

Nuclear - It's just an illusion by Scott Alderson
Nuclear - It's just an illusion's thumbnail image
A short narrative about the falsehood that nuclear is a solution to climate change set to the musical backdrop of "Rainbow Connection"

Walk Against Warming 2007 - Melbourne by Peter
Walk Against Warming 2007 - Melbourne's thumbnail image
Scenes from the second annual Walk Against Warming in Melbourne, starting with a rally at the State Library, followed by a very leisurely stroll down Swanston Street to the Alexandra Gardens. There was an astonishing range of placards, costumes, banners, props, not to mention age groups and affiliations - all demanding action from politicians on the burning issue of climate change.

'Extraction' at Port Hedland detention centre, May 2001 by Peter
'Extraction' at Port Hedland detention centre, May 2001's thumbnail image
The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre recently leaked a training video by Australasian Correctional Management at the time of the Port Hedland detention centre riots of 2001. It shows instruction being given to staff on how to remove an asylum seeker from a detention centre.

Squeezed - Free Trade and Asian Farmers by Dominic Allen
Squeezed - Free Trade and Asian Farmers's thumbnail image
Filmed in Thailand and The Philippines in July 2007, Squeezed tells the story of how free trade agreements and globalisation are changing the lives of millions of people living in the Asia-Pacific region.

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