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Sheridanite Councillor Defects to Labour Party

Posted by Alex Miller

Press Release
December 20th 2007


Labour is delighted to announce that Councillor Ruth Black has joined the Labour Group on Glasgow City Council.
Councillor Black, who was elected to represent the Craigton ward in May, was a member of Solidarity.
She has today resigned from that party and joined the Labour Party.
Councillor Black’s decision comes after weeks of talks with Council Leader Steven Purcell.
Councillor Purcell has asked her to take a leading role in the Council’s Equalities work and in strengthening its relationship with the voluntary sector.
Councillor Black said: “I am very excited to be joining the Labour Group at Glasgow City Council and I am looking forward to working alongside my new colleagues.
“Because of my background in Equalities I am very aware of the commitment and support that Glasgow City Council has given to Equalities in the city and to the wider voluntary sector.
“It was because of that long record of support that I was very pleased when the Leader of the Council asked me to consider joining the Labour Group.
“Being part of the administration will give me an opportunity to assist with the Equalities agenda.
“I hope I can use this opportunity to make a real difference and build on the good work that is already underway in the city.”
She added: “This is a move I have been considering for several weeks.
“It is not a decision I have taken lightly. I am certain that it is the right one and I hope I can make a contribution to the work of Glasgow City Council.”

Councillor Black, 43, lives in Mosspark, Glasgow, with her partner.
She has worked in the voluntary sector for seven years and is a leading figure in the area of Equalities.
She was a member of the Scottish Socialist Party and then Solidarity for eight years.
Councillor Steven Purcell said: “I am delighted that Councillor Black has chosen to join the Labour Group.
“Her experience in the area of Equalities will be invaluable to our administration and I am certain she will make a valuable contribution to our work in this area.
“Labour in Glasgow is building for the future and Councillor Black will be an important part of that.”

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Anonymous | December 23, 2007

Ah well. At least she only joined labour. And unlike SSP members never accepted support and money from News LTD.

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