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Calls for Stolen Generations' compo - Govt sats No

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia) STOLEN GENERATIONS COMPENSATION
  • Daily Telegraph: Aborigines back stolen generation compo 3:05am, 7 Jan 08: "ABORIGINAL leaders could seek up to $1billion in compensation on behalf of members of the stolen generation."
  • ABC - AM: Stolen Generations apology 'hollow without compo' 8:00am, 7 Jan 08: "We believe that there is a fund thatshould be set up. ... We are not trying to claim anything other than what is the right of the Aboriginal peoples thatwere a part of and are a part of the Stolen Generations, ... " Christine King, chairwoman of the national Stolen Generations Alliance
  • ABC: Macklin rules out Stolen Generations compo10:00am, 7 Jan 08: "The Federal Government has ruled out a billion-dollar compensation fund for members of the Stolen Generations."
  • ABC - 7.30 Report: Macklin under fire over compo issue 7:30pm, 7 Jan 08: "We don't think that it's the right thingto have a national compensation fund. We think it would be far more productive to really put that money intoaddressing the very serious levels of disadvantage that still exist in Indigenous communities. ... We've made clearour decision. And we really do make this decision in the full knowledge that we want to make a difference topeople's lives in the areas of health, education, building economic independence." Jenny Macklin, Indigenous AffairsMinister


  • ENIAR: The Stolen Generations "Between 1910 and 1970 up to 100,000 Aboriginal children were taken forcibly or under duress from their families by police or welfare officers. Most were under 5 years old. There was rarely any judicial process. To be Aboriginal was enough. They are known as the 'Stolen Generations'."
  • ANTaR: Rudd Government abandons Labor platform over Stolen Generations 9 Jan 08: "The Rudd Government's decision to rule out compensation for members of the Stolen Generations flies in the face of the policy platform it took to the recent federal election. The platform committed a Labor Government to "provide a comprehensive response to the Bringing them home report." ... ANTaR National Director, Gary Highland said it was impossible to provide a comprehensive response to Bringing them home without carefully considering the issue of financial compensation."


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