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Invasion Day

Brisbane Rally : Large format view..

Around the country, hundreds of people marked white invasion of Australia on January 26 by attending protests and festivals.

In Brisbane, 350 Murris and their supporters gathered at Parliament House in a militant defence of Indigenous rights, Paul Benedek told Green Left Weekly.

Long time Indigenous activist Denis Walker told the crowd the First Fleet were the first boat people, and said a treaty was needed to address past wrongs.

Protest organiser, Sam Watson, said that thousands of people across Australia would be celebrating a nation that is based on a legal lie. “That’s why it is critical”, he said, “that Aboriginal people gather on this day and send a very clear message to everyone that this land always was and always will be Aboriginal land”.

Wayne Wharton reminded everyone that the court case for Palm Island protester, Lex Wotton, was coming up in April and that we must be ready to protest again then.

He said that the Brisbane Murri community had a history of leading the politics of Indigenous affairs in this country.

“They are talking about this national body — a new mob … to sit up there and rubber stamp their racist ideology”, he said. “If this community can start acting like a community again we can change that agenda.”

The protest then marched to Musgrave Park, stopping en route to mark sites where significant Aboriginal battles had occurred in the past. Past militant leaders of the Murri community were celebrated and remembered.

Alex Bainbridge reported that thousands attended a festival in Sydney’s Victoria Park, where the Aboriginal Rights Coalition had a stall promoting the February 12 Canberra Convergence .

In Adelaide, around 300 people gathered for a BBQ at Tandanya, according to Simon Butler.

Marcus Greville told GLW that around 300 people attend a militant march in Melbourne that marched to Parliament House and the aboriginal affairs building. Speakers and chants called on the PM Kevin Rudd government to halt the intervention in the Northern Territory and compensate the Stolen Generations.

From: Australian News, Green Left Weekly issue #737 30 January 2008.

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Lara | January 27, 2008

Thanks for the photos of the March in Brisbane - I'm a Gundungurra descendent but born in Brisbane & it's great to see people mobilising at this critical time. We don't have another 220 years to recognise sovereignty. Not even another 20. I'm not even 40 yet and many of my heroes the generation ahead of me are no longer with us already.That's thanks only to poor health status & life expectancy's from dispossession from the land, and no thanks to harassment and repression for standing up for Aboriginal Rights. Aboriginal definitions of Aboriginal Rights! Not the lastest do-gooders definitions.  
At the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra over the past few days, and especially on Invasion Day, a couple of hundred folk joined in solidarity to sit down and learn from our elders and political leaders. And as Aunty Jenny Munroe and others said repeatedly : unity  in action between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians - as the majority - is the only way forward. And the Time is NOW. So wherever you are, sit down and spend time with the communities  and their elders and leaders - as they will tell you - and as what cited in the original Little Children Are Sacred Report  - "we've had 40 years of six month pilot projects......"
And the priorities at the moment would have to be: JOIN THE CONVERGENCE IN CANBERRA WHEN PARLIAMENT RESUMES on TUESDAY 12th February - overturning the racist intervention and land grabs,  including the welfare quarantine (no wonder Woolworth's is on the advisory board overseeing the Intervention - that's where the vouchers are to be spent........)
So keep your eyes on the High Court  Challenge to the Intervention being brought by the Maningrida elders and the Bowinanga  Aboriginal Coorporation - http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/10/27/2072155.htm
AND Defending Lex Wotton against the Racist charges continuing from the Palm Island 2004 police murder of Mulrunji ( and before him young TJ Hickey on the Block, and all those before them............)
RALLY ON APRIL 4 MUSGRAVE PARK - gather from 10am April 4 to April 7th - Demand all charges be dropped.)
Defend Lex Wotton groups are being established following on from the Sydney MUA's support for a bus from The Block to Musgrave Park.statement too...Contact Numbers: Lara in Canberra 0439601277 Praba in Sydney on 0417204611 Book a seat on the MUA bus from the Block 0413188907
AND WATCH THIS SPACE for the link to the Defend Lex Wotton site!

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