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GTHC Blogs

by Dave Riley

As if you couldn't guess I suffer from a blog addiction. I don't think it's life threatening but it does impact on your every day.

As a consequence of this I tend to be evangelical and will try to turn others on to the reading and making of blog matter.

I think blogging has a lot to offer the 21st Century.

Blogs have survived MySpace and Facebook and now the once upon a time ubiquitous webzine --such as Links -- has morphed into blog mode.

All this is well and good and there should be more of it.Blogging is a very useful platform to orchestrate content; get the word out; raise the flag...

But I'm too far gone. I 'have a hand in' almost 30 blogs and when you do 'have a hand in' like that you pick up a bit of know how.

Mind you I'm not a web designer. I'm more of a hacker...And I mainly employ other peoples' hacks at that. I'm dependent on the wonderful Blogger hacker community.

But I've just created a blog for the Geelong Trades Hall Council on this basis of such principles of construction and I like the end result because it is so simple and functional. I've learnt that the essence of good blogging is to try to make it easy for others to handle the wherewithall.

No mucking abount or pretense.

I think this GHTC blog achieves a fair bit of that. Keeping it simple and self evident. Not too busy.

More work needs to be done, of course, to prettify it up a bit. But if I can do that so too can you. And that's the point: the challenge is to encourage and mentor those good folk down there in Geelong to master their new web medium.

Blogging for the working class. Thats' the marker: Class conscious blogging.

There should be more of it.

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