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Web activities hither and yon

by Dave Riley

I have been laid up -- yes again! -- by a brutal bout of ill health. But to stay sane I worked on the blog for the Geelong Trades Hall Council in between trips to and from my 'sick' bed.

I keep telling people there's a lot you can do with blogs for this and that and the Geelong blog is a good example of using a simple blog platform as a organising hub. Simple. Unpretentious. All you need.

A similar application is the web presence (on a Blogger blog) of the coalition for the Victorian Climate Emergency Rally & Human Sign.There used primarily as a means to distribute the publications promoting the rally and promote the organising schedule. Short shelf life of course but it suits the requirements.

There should be more of it. You can blog anything you like.

Blogging rules

But I now follow a couple of basic parameters when I create a blog. It's a sort of working template -- a guideline.
  • Create your blog on Blogger. Why? Because Blogger is so easy to hack to suit your requirements.It's also very free and offers a handy selection of widgets.
  • Pair your blog with a wiki -- such as Wikispaces --which will give you a place to publish supplementary files you can link to for sharing or harnessing.
  • Make sure you offer prominent email and feed subscriptions to the blog content. I use Feedblitz as it offers a lot of extras.
After that it's all very much free form activity as you customize to your heart's content. Each time attaining more skill and mastery of the platform -- especially if you get into experimenting with so many wonderful hacks.

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Dave Riley | June 18, 2008

I didn't make the Climate Emergency site. But I do admire its Web 2.0 perspective.

However..if I had created it I would have combined it with a wiki because the coalition then could have offered higher quality downloads than what Blogger allows as images. They would have also been able to link back to a range of different formats -- such as pdf, Word, spreadsheets, etc for sharing.

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