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Another soldier dies in Afghanistan: withdraw the troops now

Sydney Stop the War Coalition is calling for immediate withdrawal of all Australian troops from Afghanistan in light of death of 25-year old Sean McCarthy.

On July 10 at 8am the Sydney Stop the War coalition will hold a picket outside the Department of Defence, 270 Pitt Street Sydney.

The Coalition will be marking the death of Signaler Sean McCarthy of the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan, and calling for the immediate withdrawal of all Australian troops.

"Our thoughts are with the family of Signaler Sean McCarthy. His death, the sixth Australian in Afghanistan, highlights once again the futility of Australia's ongoing involvement in the occupation", said Alex Bainbridge, spokesperson for the Sydney Stop the War Coalition.

Shannon Price, another spokesperson, said the Coalition was holding the protest outside the Defence Department to send a message to the Rudd government that "this tragic event is not in vain".

"The best way to ensure that no other family faces such a loss is to immediately withdraw all Australian troops from Afghanistan, as well as the troops that remain in Iraq", she said.

Mr Bainbridge said: "The Pentagon has finally admitted the obvious: Afghanistan is in a state of crisis. We call on Kevin Rudd to do the same. Since his election Rudd has been singing the praises of the war in Afghanistan. This sober occasion should spark a reassessment."

Ms Price said: "There is no end in sight to the occupation, despite the fact that 2008 has been the bloodiest year of occupation since 2003. There is a simple, logical way to end this bloodshed — withdraw all troops now."

NSW Greens MLC Silvia Hale, who will address the protest, said: "The Greens express their sympathies to the family of Sean McCarthy. This is not Australia's war, and we should never have become involved. The troops should leave."

Information: Alex Bainbridge 0413 976 638 or Shannon Price 0422 802 984

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Vigilante | July 11, 2008

As I have long argued, Bush's capricious invasion and occupation of Iraq has deflected, diluted and dispersed our allies' support of America's mandated retaliation against Talibanistan.

Thus, in Australia, we have NSW Greens MP Sylvia Hale saying,

"I think it's time for the West to learn the lessons of Vietnam... And that is that you cannot impose regimes upon the countries and think that by pure military might that you will be able to have your way and institute the sort of government that you might want..

Such policies have failed in Iraq, as they are failing in Afghanistan. This is not Australia's war, we have no reason to have soldiers there."

Sidney Morning Herald

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