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Populism and Politics -- the Camejo/Nader example

by Dave Riley

I posted here a video shot of Peter Camejo addressing the Peace & Freedom convention earlier this month. Camejo's verve for advocacy has not wilted over the years despite his present struggle against cancer.

But the video gave me a chance to check out the Vote Nader Campaign in the hope that some of the attributes that marked the Nader/ Camejo Green Party campaign in 2004 were replicated.

Of course Peter talks about the politics of the campaign and the context of the fight. What I want to draw attention to is the organising.

I think the campaign pitch is the best I've come across and it offers a lot of inspiration
Note: January 2012: Unfortunately many of these links are no longer operating but the approach deployed  is still suggestive. 
Get Involved!

There' are some elements that are worth studying in the Nader campaign.
House Party: What You Supply
House Party Kit ($30) ordered from the votenader.org store (buttons, bumper stickers, yard sign and window sign). You might also want to order extra merchandise to offer your guests as well.
Location for Party (the location is up to you, your house, park, coffee shop, beach – be creative)
Invitations and guests
TV/DVD player/computer for playing DVD
Name tags
Baskets for campaign and merchandise contributions
DVDs for House Party Viewing
After you have signed up to host a Party and ordered your House Party Kit, the House Party
Coordinator will contact you to arrange sending you copies of the two DVDs, autographed by Ralph
Inviting Guests
Not every person you invite will be able to come. Our experience is that you need to invite four times as many people as you think you need to meet your goal.
Tell everyone to bring friends. Don’t forget to invite: family members, co-workers, neighbors, members of your place of worship, as well as members of local peace & justice groups, etc.
Send Out Invitations
The sample invitation is on page 5 of this Overview section. Rewrite it to it your unique party and send it out at least a couple of weeks before your Party. Include the date, time, address, phone number and directions. Ask everyone to RSVP, so you will be prepared. Let them know it is a fundraiser, so they will be sure to bring their checkbooks or credit cards. It is a good idea to call everyone a few days after you mail the RSVP to make sure they have received your invitation. An email or call a few days before your party, is a good reminder.
Plan the Party
People will enjoy your party more if there’s food and drink! Finger foods are simple and easy, but you choose. House Party menus have ranged from the super easy like salsa and chips, to 7-course sit down dinners! Have a cofee, buffet, barbeque, or beach party — whatever appeals to you and your guests.

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