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Aboriginal outrage at awards for Palm Island police

by Dave Riley
What can anyone say?

Five minutes after Lex Wotton is found guilty in a Qld court the ALP government anoints the racist Qld Police Force with awards just as they rewarded Chis Hurley for killing an aboriginal man on Palm Island.

NOTHING has changed in Queensland in fact it has got much worse for Murris under Labor.The official disdain for the indigenous population is palpable.It is now state policy on a massive crude scale I doubt can be matched in any other state. It is a sort of neo Apartheid where it's practiced in public secrecy especially now that no cabinet position exists with aboriginal affairs.

This is the real living context of the Intervention and what the Intervention means in terms of an ongoing campaign to disenfranchise further the indigenous population. Indigenous face a succession of take backs and vilification of which this is but one of many more to come.

And up there in the dais cheering on this racist venom are the Jacky Jackies who made their peace with Howard .

No wonder poor Lex had a panic attack! Lex Wotton is wonderful human being and an inspiring individual who has been set up as the fall guy by this system dedicated to perfecting racist cynicism.

Mulrunji is dead.So too is his teenage son. Wotton is to get sentenced. And Qld coppers win bravery awards...

And his horrific tragedy reflects what the whole community on Palm must be feeling.

Can you imagine it? Take a moment to consider what it must feel like to have your murderers rewarded....

This business has gone on for years.

In that time the victory has been limited to the Deputy Coroner's report and the fact the Hurley was charged. But now we are experiencing this massive backlash. -- a crude and brutal assertion of the power of state force over the whole Murri community.

That's what it means: cop rule over Murris.

As for the free hand this latest news gives the Qld coppers:"Hey black man! If I beat you up all I'm gonna get is an award for bravery! No matter what you do or how far I go. Ha. Ha."

If liberal Whitey wants to bathe in the all this shit about changing the Lord's Prayer in federal parliament and wallowing in an apparent heart felt apology then liberal Whitey is a stupid fool and needs a reality check.

Aside from the cops and the what have you, Australia's Aboriginal population's main enemy is the Australian Labor Party.So get that clear in our heads.They are the bourgeoisie's attack dogs at this present time -- here in Qld and at the front line of the "Intervention".

The intervention is but one prong of which this disgusting episode is another.

Sam Watson is presently drafting a petition to go out in support of Lex and I'll let people know where they can access it.Rallies have been called nationally so see what else you can do in support of that sort of initiative.

This situation -- and what can be done about it nationally -- will also be a key topic to be discussed at the upcoming Socialist Alliance national conference.

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trish mackie | November 02, 2008

Bravery for police who were armed??? when not ONE resident on Palm was armed with a gun that day yet if they planned the riot surely they would of been better prepared than a pelting of rocks.why were the Police tapes shown in court on silent??? yet the Palm riot tapes were played full sound???why were the words spoken by Lex Wotton highlighted in court and used against him .when one can see the righteous anger and pain and hopelessness displayed by the community on hearing the aquittal of chris hurley.I know there are some good cops but what was said on the police tapes that the jury was not allowed to hear.I have a few ideas on that one!!!And tell me were are the bravery awards for the mothers on Palm who were subjected to intimidation and harrassment by police who tried to pin the crimes they had done onto the local youth.being told if they didnt OWN up there son would "get the bash" down at the watch-house.the tables on that turned very quickly once they (the cops ) found out the witness to there crime was White.that was in the late 80,s so i guess whats new on
Palm.??lex Wotton was a goner before the trial even started with an all white Jury.why didnt Chris Hurley have an all black jury.HUH.And the ignorance of the lawyer who claimed that the locals stock -piled petrol for the event is so laughable you almost feel sorry for him.his comment was "who has petrol cans lying around and not one person on the jury had the insight to challange that notion.Hello its not SMUG suburb its an Island community.fishing boats,cars and generators.Its very common for petrol to be sitting around in containers.more covieniant "evidance".Palm Islanders "all that glitters is not gold"let them wear there badges.True bravery is worn on the inside the courage to go on in the face of adversity ,stolen generation,stolen land,stolen freedom,dont allow your peace to be stolen.continue the journey long as it is for justice for Lex Wotton the scapegoat and Murlunji for his death not to be in vain.and remember the words of Christ."peace i leave with you.not as the world giveth.do not let your hearts be troubled,neither let them be afraid.(stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed,and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated,or unsettled"Remember he also said"Vengeance is mine said the Lord "I will repay".

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