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Tooling up for activism

by Dave Riley

The Activist ToolKit is an exercise in aggregating political skills -- skills we on the left often take for granted or, in some cases, may in fact be unaware of (such as web skills).

So every now and then new content is added and the address is enriched by a bit of shared knowledge pulled in from all over.

At present the menu offers:
This isn't a final list of what may be needed or potentially will.It is instead an exercise in developing a hardware store for the activist left -- especially the membership of the Socialist Alliance.

New content

After a recent request new content has been added that may relate to your present requirements.
I'm sure there are many ways to "give" a talk or run a workshop. Newbies don't necessarily know where to start so the point of the entry on Giving a talk is to offer some pointers t so that the process is much easier to negotiate. Because talk giving is such a core cultural element on the left the information probably requires a lot more input. So if you are wisely experienced drop by and share your know how.

The main challenge for many talk givers is moving from the format of a completely written talk to the confidence of speaking off the cuff or with notes only.There's no yellow brick road you can follow, but a few pointers certainly help with the navigation.

Banner painting is a activist standard but if you aren't part of a collective that passes on the skills you need to start from scratch and do it yourself without, as is often the case, having picked up a paint brush since primary school.

Once we get settled with the know how, we'll begin to create a gallery of banners that have been created and depoloyed in protest mode.

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