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French & Scottish Activist Video Make

by Dave Riley

It's that time again. The end of the year time again.

So I've ben in catch up mode adding bits and pieces to my web footprint.

Since we are in video mode so often the internet TV section on The Activist Toolkit has had an update. It's just notes really. Envelope pushing as I know there are others with their noses pointed in the same direction.

The knack, I reckon, is to make the DIY straightforward as well as simple and cheap -- maybe even very free.

With gadgetry and consumables a plenty it's quite a trick to go at it low tech.

I predict a good future for simple video on the left in way of documenting activism and activists. Whether its digital cameras, cell phones or the cheaper end of the camcorder market -- theres' a niche there I reckon we can collectively fill.

In France

Look how the French JCR does it in the lead up to the launch of the new anticapitalsit party.

As long as you've got passion and conviction going for you (and your video) it's going to likely work rather than not.

Inasmuch as I know anything, what videography I've seen generated from an activist POV works very well indeed so long as it's edited. By that I mean cut. The unbearable YouTube syndrome of putting more rather than less content together is ruination of a good opportunity to reach out.

And I'm not talking about pretty vids or techncially sophisticated vids but of deploying politics in a different language -- a different visual and sound language.

So these French don't just have a great hand with web layout -- but they've got a ready attack mode in their video language that explodes from the page regardles of whatever your fluency is in French.

And in Scotland...

In Scotland, Neil Scott has been exploring video as an adjunct to the work of the Scottish Socialist Party. SSP TV is a fine aggregation of SSP moments and advocacy enriched, I think, by the mixture of themes.

Canada too...

And in Canada, The Socialist Project uses a mix of audio and video to showcase its forum series. I think video-ing a lecture isn't the best way to share a talk before an audience -- but the collection is a very detailed and complete rendering of a range of important discussions held under their auspices.

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