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Urgent request for funds - to all supporters of Aboriginal rights

A large contingent of Aboriginal people living under the NT Intervention are currently preparing to travel to Canberra for a protest convergence, culminating in march to federal parliament on Tuesday February 3.

Since putting the call out for delegates early in January, the Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG) in Alice Springs has been inundated with requests to join the trip, from many communities across the Northern Territory.

Barbara Shaw from IRAG explains, "Many more people want to come and protest this year compared to last year. Many have waited for some change from the new government, but things are getting worse".

IRAG needs to raise more than $20,000 in the next week to ensure that as many communities as possible are represented in Canberra. Extra funds for transport are required. All delegates will be camping at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, but money is required for food. The welfare quarantine system means people are very short of cash and will have
none to pay for essentials during the journey. Pressure from the government makes it hard for supportive Aboriginal organisations to donate.

NT delegates are asking people to donate generously and join them for the Canberra protest. Valerie Martin from Yuendumu said, "We need support, more and more, whoever feels that this Intervention is wrong. It's really bad how they're treating us, taking away our rights. With the quarantining we are struggling to get the money to survive."

Donations may be made directly into our bank account:
(Bendigo Bank Alice Springs)
Account Name: Intervention Rollback Action Group
BSB No: 633 000
Account No: 134157049

(Please advise by email (rollbacktheintervention@gmail.com) when you make a deposit so we can track (and thank) all donors.)

Or donations may be sent by mail to:

Intervention Rollback Action Group
PO Box 8488
Mparntwe (Alice Springs) NT 0871

With thanks for your continuing support - Intervention Rollback Action Group (Mparntwe - Alice Springs) rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com

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