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In praise of A frames on campaign stalls

sBy Dave Riley

A Very Public Sociologist has a charming post on campaign stalls. It's nice to know that on the planet there are still others who do politics as we do, week in week out, behind each cover of Green Left Weekly.

On the Activist Toolkit wiki I had worked up an entry on How to run a campaign stall and AVPS entry into the discussion has tweaked my interest in trying to explore such hardware as A frames.

This may seem a touch obsessive. Who wants to discuss A-frames?

Well, here we've just finished with the state election campaign and A frames were our most useful item of paraphernalia. If your sign is made from corflute -- corrugated plastic -- it's light, extremely portable and stands out visually at some distance . The Socialist Alliance has been exploring and creating corflute signs for a few years and while they are usually associated with real estate agents and main stream party electioneering -- we reuse these over and over again by attaching new graphics and slogans to them.

We even recycle other peoples corflutes which we come across or purchase from recyclers -- so that you are just as likely to find the ALP insignia and sundries on the hidden side of our corflute and our politics on the other.

While we have tended to use newspaper grill A-frames , what we really need is some one with carpenter knowledge and skills to bang together a dozen A frames in pine. These are simple affairs, hinged at the top with a light (preferably cotton) rope holding the bottom frames apart at such a distance as will create an A frame lean of about 70 degrees.

So if you are bored at home with nothing to do and you have a workshop sitting there idle -- get in touch with your local SA and start producing those very light A frames out of pine.

You could bash together maybe 5 in an hour.

If anyone has an easy to follow DIY description of how to build these please let me know ASAP and I'll publish the blueprint.

A frames in use. Foreground A frame is a newspaper style metal frame. It looks ugly and is designed to hold paper posters and signs rather than corflute. One at the back ("For the millions...") is a pine wood A framed. These are much easier to use and adapt for different uses and are more stable Although you have to screw, tape , tie or staple the corflute to the frame..Cut off to right i in the bottom of the picture is a black, metal, commercial A frame which is the heaviest of the lot.

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