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Pyroterrorism -- "if only" says the nation's far right.

By Dave Riley
On the other hand, the fires must alert us to the extreme danger posed by pyroterrorism, especially as global terrorist organisations continue to modify their strategies in the face of the increasingly effective counter-terror- ism measures that are being employed against them....Pyroterrorism may be defined as the use by non-state organisations of large-scale fires to attack, intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in order to advance political, social or religious objectives. In pursuit of its objectives it exhibits the four central elements of terrorism: the targeting of non-combatants, a political motiva- tion, extreme violence with an intended psychological impact, and organised and totally committed perpetrators. Lead article in National Observer: Australia's nightmare: bushfire jihad and pyroterrorism
The National Observer's obsession with national security issues,
"... Australia's leading current affairs quarterly specialising in domestic and international politics, security-related challenges and issues of national cohesion.
"One of the functions of National Observer is to provide high-quality commentary which is not affected by contemporary political correctness or prejudices. It, therefore, examines issues from the
point of view of the long-term interests of Australians."
-- takes me way back to the sort of pitch the National Civic Council used to deploy in order to consolidate a coalition on the right of Australian politics. This time it ain't communists or the Red or Yellow Peril but Islamists. This time too it has been seeded from a strong dose of John Howard style jingoism. "National cohesion" is a wonderful catchphrase is it not that would even sit comfortably within the ALP?

This is the sort of journalese that would do B. A Santamaria (pictured a past contributor) proud.

So the Observer functions to provide resourced cover to this POV it seems while also supplying fuel for online Islamophobic web sites.

The irony nonetheless is that despite all the authoritarian anti-terrorist legislation (including the new spate of anti-biker laws being bought in in SA, NSW and QLD) the article in effect suggests that no matter what you do, no rash of legislation can protect the body politic from arson of a bushfire nature.

And bushfire arson is so cheap! No need for oodles of ammonium nitrate or fuses...you probably don't even need a can of kerosene to get the terror going -- one box of Redheads each Summer should be enough to take your terrorizing a very long way!

If that is the case it seems that Australia is breeding its very own layer of pyro-terrorists without any assistance from Al-Quaeda as one third of bushfires are thought to be deliberately lit but not, ( -- "Drat !" says the National Observer!) by Islamists. The way the National Observer is likely to rule on it -- Moslems should be banned from joining the Country Fire Authority just so they don't get in the know and in the habit -- such as leaving the mosques in Sydney's West after services and going bush for a weekend of practice burns.

I can imagine the sort of call out: "Family group of Middle Eastern appearance seen acting suspiciously , picnicking under a gum tree. Approach with extreme caution. May be armed with bbq, kebabs (on sharpened implements), Tabouleh... and matches."

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Francis | April 03, 2009

Dave, the NCC was around decades before the Communist subversion of Australian trade unions. As long ago as 1936 Bob Santamaria first wrote to warn of the dangers of capitalism, not totalitarianism. In the 50s, 60s and 70s his targets were indeed Communist infiltrators of the unions and eventually the judiciary. But by the late 1980s and 90s the warnings were again of the excesses of economic rationalism and its lack of concern for the individual. For 80 years the NCC commentary has been several years ahead of the mainstream media, so it would not surprise if they are onto something here before the major press are prepared to join the dots and risk reprisal.

Dave Riley | April 03, 2009

B. A Santamaria began political life as a supporter of Mussolini's and Franco's fascists.

The Communist Party began to "take over' the trade unions in the 1930s through their commitment to workers rights and their work in the Militant Minority Movement.

But the focus of Santamaria and the NCC for most of its existence has been a rabid anti-communism so that he, along with such figures as Laurie Short (FIA - who died this week) acted as a bastion of the Cold War impetus ridden so effectively by Menzies -- who for all his pains could not get the Communist Party banned in the fifties.

Today they are political dinosaurs primarily because:

(a) The Labor Party functions absolutely as the major sheriff for capitalism in Australia and there is no need for a NCC fifth column as the ALp left has been routed.

(b)The Catholic Church's preference moved onto ethical issues and the campaign against abortion rights and gay marriage.

(c) The 1980's Prices and Incomes Accord -- supported & initiated by the Communist Party -- suppressed the capacity of the trade unions to fight back and deploy strikes as a weapon to defend their members rights.

But these NCC dogs aren't prescient either -- they are just being racially obsessed by the new doctrine of the War on Terrorism and like already existing legislation, the NCC is again a dedicated threat to democratic rights in this country inasmuch as it is relevant. Like Pauline Hansen and One Nation -- the NCC's utility is as a stalking horse for the major parties and , for the ALP, a right wing block (thru the DLP) to the rise of the Greens at Victorian state elections.

I know about the NCC as my family members were in it and I myself knew Santamaria and his children -- but hey 40 years ago I joined the Communist Party nonetheless.

The joke is that only by becoming more Islamophobic can these dogs pursue their agenda and, from where I'm sitting, the Australian people aren't keen on the message.

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