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VIDEO:Sinhalese mob attacks on Australian Tamils in Melbourne

Australian Tamils Fast for Action reports on an incident (see video below) in Melbourne where a large group of (Sri Lankan) Sinhala chauvinists attacked a Tamil protest cavalcade.

For those not familiar with the Tamil struggle for human rights and national recognition, this incident may appear exotic and simply an example of ethnic sectarianism.

But my experience has been similar here in Brisbane.Sinhala chauvinists have actively tried to get us expelled from local markets because we had the gall to display a placard which proclaimed 'Stop the genocide in Sri Lanka.' In an extraordinary incident, Sinhala chauvinists lodged complaints of racism against us because we supported Tamil rights. The negotiated consequence was that we are now no longer allowed to display any material on the Tamil struggle.

This overbearing assertion by members of the Sinhala majority, hoodwinked by the Sri lankan government spin in regard to the Tamil minority on the island, is processed through many sources as a justified response to what is misrepresented crudely as a military struggle between the government and the LTTE -- Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam . This is exactly how the Palestinian struggle for self determination is handled -- as a struggle between the Israel state and Hamas with the Palestinian population simply caught up in the middle-- by the Zionist supporters of the racist Israel state.

If only the LTTE would stop fighting and the Sri Lankan government stop killing then everything would supposedly be resolved in a climate of peace to the advantage of all. This is how left blog sites like Politics in the Zeroes has reported on the conflict.In effect pandering to Sinhala chauvinism and ignoring that the armed dynamic grew initially out of pogroms against Tamils back in 1983.

While a cease fire should be put in place immediately, the complication is that the Sri Lankan government's approach to the issue has verged more and more towards a genocidal solution. This is total war, not a policing exercise. The core problem is not so much the LTTE's tactical mistakes , dedicated militarism or their deployment of indiscriminant violence on the civilian population which has served only to alienate the Sinhala majority , but the determination of the Sri Lankan government to solve the problem of secession and Tamil inequality by terrorizing and reducing the Tamil minority to a smaller more manageable and cowed minority.This is a calculated genocide on par with the Indonesian subjugation of East Timor. This fact is incontestible but like the situation in Palestine the cynical spin is engineered to obscure the core aims of the ongoing war against the Tamil minority.

Arguing for the rights of Palestinians and Indigenous Australian is no different from the situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Racism is racism. Those who seek to misrepresent the situation as a civil war between two self seeking military factions -- are merely pandering to the institutional racism being engineered in Sri Lanka and broadcast around the world under guise of the War on Terrorism.

Already in Australia this spin has ben deployed to fit up local members of the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

This reflects the ongoing cancer that has infected Sri Lankan politics and the main political parties, including those on the left bar one -- have signed on with the chauvinist agenda and like the ideology of Apartheid or that of Zionism, the attitude to the Tamils rights has consolidated such that this war is packaged as a patriotic cleansing operation.

On 4 April 2009, a group of 50 Sinhala expatriates attacked a car-rally organised by Australian Tamils in Melbourne. The car rally was to protest the genocide of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka and demand immediate end to the war waged by the Sri Lankan government. A few Tamil Australians were injured and their cars were damaged in the attack.

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Anonymous | April 06, 2009

This whole article is full of false information. LTTE cars came and attack on protestors and one student hospitalized with bad head injuries. And other LTTE supporters has damaged and broken in to five Sri Lankan shops in melbourne. Also if you look at this video closely these LTTE cars are infront of SRI Lankan peace rally and not Sinhalese infront of LTTE car rally. So don't publish wrong information....

jeev2008 | April 06, 2009

Thanks mate LTTE came and provoked SRI lankan peace rally protestors with anti sri lankan banners. Anyway most of these cars got fined by police since they didn't have permission to do so.

Chris Parpa | April 06, 2009

LTTE are terrorists. They should be ban and should be kikked out from Australia. Don't bring your terrorist activities to my country... Just go back to where you came from.. thanks

ADMIN | April 06, 2009

Photographs of the attacks
SBS World News Coverage:
The Age : Rally turns violent
SBS : Protesters gather in Melbourne
Thisis a post that appeared on a Sri Lankan news website -

JM | April 08, 2009

You filthy lying convict dickwad. It was the Tamil Tiger supporters who drove through the Sri Lankan rally to provoke them. What would Australians do if supporters of Bali bombers do the same in the middle of a vigil for the victims?

Convicts sticking up for terrorists.

Ray P | April 08, 2009

The irony is that the reaction to this post confirms that the campaign by the Sri Lankan government to label all Tamils as terrorists is confirmed by the attitudes expressed in this thread.

The Tamils do have a case for justice. They have a right to self determination and civil rights.

To deny those rights under cover of terrorist charges merely replicates the same spin used to oppress the in Palestinians.

Anonymous | April 10, 2009

So this Tamil right of self determination extends to bashing an unarmed student (one of my friends) who was merely taking part in the rally, and then driving around Melbourne and destroying at least 5 Sri Lankan shops. This is Tamil terrorism as usual.

Anonymous | April 10, 2009

If Sinhalese are strong and not wusses, they will leave TAMILS ALONE

Anonymous | April 10, 2009

Sinhalese, get the F**K out of da world. Just go.GO

Anonymous | April 11, 2009

Is that the best you can come up with, you filthy Tamil terrorist refugee fuck. You chose the wrong nation to screw with, and now you're inches away from total annihalation in vanni, and there's no one to save you.

Far from orchestrating attacks, here's a message I got from the organisers of the rally.

Hi Friends,

Thank you for your attendence at the peace rally. It was a great act of unity and its sad that it ended with an ugly incident. It was a clear act of provocation by the LTTE. Please do not be provoked as that is what the terrorists want us to do. Let the police handle the situation.

The cloud of black July is still is still haunting Sri Lanka. We need to act in one voice "TERRORISM HAS NO PLACE IN THE WORLD" If we give in to terrorism in what ever way - then my friends we have lost - the war, our mother nation and out humanity. Our brothers and sisters are bravely fighting as we speak to overcome terrorism, let them do their job as one of the most professional defence forces in the worls. All we can do from here is support them in any way we can. By creating a situation of unrest we will be hindering that effort. Let's not make Australia the battlefield. THINK!!!

Please support SRI LANKA overcome terrorism. Do your part for Sri Lanka with no fear and hesitation. Dont be afraid we need to be strong. Do Not Be Proveked. DO NOT GIVE IN TO TERRORISM.

Thank You,

Naresh Soysa

LeftClick ADMIN | April 11, 2009

Note from blog Administrator: This is an unproductive and simply abusive thread.

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