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New UNITY journal: 'The Great Implosion: Global crisis and the left'

New edition of the Socialist Worker group journal ( New Zealand).

It's been a bit of a gap between UNITY Journals, but it's at least worth the wait, because the contents of this one will make it a must read for activists in Aotearoa.

To arrange postage of a copy email organiser@sworker.pl.net. The cost is $6.50 (including postage).

The Great Implosion: Global crisis and the left


  • 5 Crisis, danger and opportunity --Daphne lawless, editor of UNITY
  • 10 Financial implosion and stagnation --JOHN BELLAMY FOSTER and FRED MAGDOFF
  • 40 Will the global economy recover? --Alex Callinicos, Socialist Workers Party (Britain)
  • 42 Trade unions and New Zealand’s economic crisis -- GRANT BROOKES, Socialist Worker (New Zealand)
  • 59 The housing crisis revisited --PETER DE WAAL, Socialist Worker (New Zealand)
  • 67 Responding to the crisis - VAUGHAN GUNSON, Socialist Worker (New Zealand)
  • 78 The rocks of opposing class interests -Don Franks, Workers Party of New Zealand
  • 84 Venezuela: New measures to confront crisis -JIM McILROY and CORAL WYNTER, Green Left Weekly (Australia)
  • 87 France: The anti-capitalist hope-- PIERRE-FRANÇOIS GROND, New Anti-Capitalist Party (France)
  • 89 Fighting the financial crisis --Die Linke (The Left party), Germany
  • 91 New left openings in Britain --ROBERT GRIFFITHS, Morning Star (Britain)
  • 94 The People’s Charter for Change
  • 97 Challenges facing Québec solidaire -- RICHARD FIDLER, Socialist Voice (Canada)
  • 103 Defend jobs, not profits! --Socialist Alliance (Australia)
  • 107 Fighting the bloggers on their own turf - DAPHNE LAWLESS
  • 112 A handbook for the downturn --GRAHAM MATTHEWS, Green Left Weekly (Australia)
  • 115 Feedback: Letters from Ondine Green, Bronwen Beechey and an Auckland union activist

Unity 10

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