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I'm dragging myself back to the front lines after a hiatus. But while on rehab I had another look at Miro -- which used to be called the Democracy Player. If you spend a lot of your online time searching for, watching and listening to audio and video then Miro is a powerful tool so you can do that with ease. It is also a media player -- which offers much better image quality than my usual VLC media player -- and plays everything I throw at it. Especially stunning HD.

I've shifted my (audio) podcasts over to Miro and while it is designed to facilitate subscriptions to internet TV channels I prefer to use its drop down menu and manually go to the originating web page to see whether I want to either watch or listen to the media file online or download it.

Best of all, Miro will supply me with descriptive summary notations so that I can decide whether I want to download the file. This means I can brows the file topics and review contents before selecting exactly what I want to download and view/listen. This beats most (audio) aggragtors I've used by a very long bandwidth mile.

Unlike iTunes or other players there are no ads!No flashy promoes. No buy this.;get that .No visual pollution stealing your bandwidth.

MiroGuide has an extensive and very useful audio and video activism listing.

Miro also offers one click torrents and will even download/seed non media torrents such as (umm) programs -- legally of course . Miro is a great introduction to Bit Torrents.

Miro is an easy free download from the getMiro site.

If you think as I do that maybe something like this is the likely route online media will take -- then take Miro for a spin.My own channel feed on the MiroGuide can be accessed through the button below.

Miro Video Player

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