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Eat Your Meat

The Vegetarian Myth
Reviewed in Permaculture Activist

By Peter Bane
Permaculture Activist #72, Summer 2009

This book almost literally blew in the door one March day recently and I found myself still engrossed in its captivating story an hour after tearing open the brown padded wrapper. That doesn't very often happen.

Lierre Keith has written a compelling tale of her own near self-destruction from a vegan diet and a broadside against its being perpetrated upon or adopted by any other victims. She has converted 20 years of pain and suffering, and permanent damage to her health into a galvanizing passion to demolish the myth that she believe underpins the worldview of most who adopt vegan diet: "I want to eat without killing." You can't, she says, and if you try you'll die.

The arguments are compelling, and bluntly presented in three large chapters addressing moral, nutritional, and political vegetarians. Every field of grain or soybeans kills ecosystems and a myriad of creatures mostly too small to be seen and thus wept over. But they are just as dead as steers stunned and gutted in a meatpacking plant. At this point the enterprise of agriculture threatens all life on planet Earth.

Humans, unlike ruminants, cannot eat grass and survive. Our digestive systems are tuned for a variety of foods, always including meat. Many vegans, she reports from personal experience, do not know this, and fantasize worlds in which the lamb and the lion shall lie down, if not together, then at least on either side of a big fence from each other—eating the same uncomplaining plants. Can modern people actually be this ignorant? It seems so. Traditional diets have universally recognized the importance of flesh foods, especially animal fats, as the researches of Weston Price and many others have confirmed for over a hundred years. But modern people devoid of dietary or any other cultural traditions have picked up deadly memes, and many, especially younger people, have killed themselves trying to atone for civilizational violence.

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Disenchanted Socialist Perspective | September 13, 2009

Quite right too. We are not meant to be vegetarians. But at the same time we should probably not eat as much meat as we do.
I Myself stopped eating beef after finding out that carbon and methane emissions from beef and the industry are 3 times more than pork, lamb and chicken.
Instead of don't eat meat for environmental reasons - STOP EATING BEEF.

Cringila | September 16, 2009
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Cringila | September 16, 2009

"The ""Vegan"" Myth" should have been the title ,we are definately not meant to be Vegan and I know a Natropath who was one for seven years and started to get muscle spasms,he used himself as a guinea pig and now includes goats milk raw cottage cheese in his diet as the balance!2 million years of evolution eating animal products can be overlooked in a generation...

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