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HONDURAS: Among the possible scenarios for tonight are genocidal acts

I have translated the following short piece by some comrades involved in the website Aporrea.org an important centre of news and discussion within the Bolivarian revolution. There are many reports that a bloodbath is being prepared for tonight. One thing not mentioned in the article is the shutdown of a key radio and TV station, both of which have played a crucial role in the resistance and denouncing the repression of the coup regime. Here in Venezuela a solidarity actions has been called for tomorrow morning. Now is the time to raise our voices as one in defence of the Honduran people. -- Fred Fuentes

September 27 - Today, the team at Aporrea.org was in communication with representatives of the resistance against the coup in Honduras and with special envoys from Venezuelan alternative media outlets, among those Radio Negro Primero.

These sources informed us of a worsening of the current situation in the country, several days after the arrival of the constitutional president Manuel Zelaya at the Brazilian embassy, and an upsurge of repressive actions and violations of human rights on the part of the dictatorial regime. To which can be added the death of a resistance activist, product of the inhalation of toxic gases launched by the repressive forces into the embassy (which in these moments is being surveyed) and the deportation of an Organisation of American States (OAS), sent back to Costa Rica by the coup regime, with the except of a sole member of US origins.

The “Goriletti” regime has sent an open and generalized challenge to all international factors and institutions, although its is perceived that behind this emboldened and quarrelsome posture is the covert support of the US, a key element in the attitude taken by the usurper government.

According to the information obtained, a state of siege has been declared and all constitutional guarantees suspended, following the 10 day ultimatum given by the coup government for Brazil to define the status of Manuel Zelaya, with the threat of carrying out possible military actions, such as a raid of the Brazilian [embassy].

Among the scenarios that were being talked about at this time, is the possibility of genocidal actions, house raids and selective or mass arrests in the next few hours and days. The resistance has adopted preventive measures in the face of this repression, especially for tonight and in light of the call for a mobilization tomorrow, that will be accompanied by solidarity protests in many other cities of the world.

The people in resistance have decided to remain on the streets, holding peaceful protests.

They are also awaiting the response that the people and government of Brazil could give in defence of the dignity and integrity of their embassy.

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Wrick | September 29, 2009

It is hard to know what the suspension of constitutional rights in Honduras will mean in terms of an escalation of the repression - given that the levels of repression have been high, and steadily growing anyway. Unleashing the security forces with the suspension of constitutional guarantees is a disturbing step.

It does seem that the most devastating result, as far as the Resistance Front is concerned is the successful closure of Radio Globo Honduras. There have been attempts before, and they were able to get back on air within hours, but this time, they seem to have succeeded.

Radio Globo was critical in getting out information, identifying victims of human rights abuses and repression almost instantaneously, enabling a 'rapid response' to these abuses. Now the Honduran people will be dependent on internet, phone, and radio stations broadcasting outside the borders of their country.

International reaction to these developments are glacially slow - it is essential to lobby our politicians fiercely - confront them with the ugly facts and demand that the coup regime be confronted in its turn. They have been getting away with these outrages against humanity for far too long. The heroism and humanity of the Honduran resistance should not be left in the lurch.


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