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VIDEO: Salvadoran Solidarity Rally with Honduras

Salvadorans Demonstrate Solidarity with Honduras
by Kara Newhouse and Laura Taylor

SAN SALVADOR—Fourteen buses loaded with FMLN supporters barreled out of Morazan's mountains yesterday and into the capital, where the passengers joined with others from across the country in a show of solidarity for the people of Honduras. Thousands converged on Juan Pablo II, a street normally home to government buildings, but which now displayed all the trimmings of a carnival—strings of FMLN pennants, “FUERA LOS GOLPISTAS” signs, vendors selling snacks and beer, and music ranging from the national anthems of El Salvador and Honduras to pop rock .

On stage the FMLN general coordinator responded to accusations from conservative media that the party supported Zelaya's return. “To the question everyone is asking—they are asking if we, the FMLN, are supporters of the resistance. I can only say, of course.” Party leaders maintained that they would continue to resist foreign interventions and support true democracy in Honduras.

The 617 members of Morazan's delegation arrived to send the message that organized communities denounce repression and will not allow a coup to succeed, in Honduras or El Salvador, said the Secretary of Women for the National Council of the FMLN, Maria Luisa Avigil Hernandez.

Another coordinator from the women's commission, Margarita Rodriguez, said that the people of Perquin have a special relationship to injustice in Honduras because the Salvadoran resistance of the 1980s originated in Perquin. People there endured much suffering and repression during the war, and many sought refuge across the border in Honduras. This history, Rodriguez said, creates a strong sense of solidarity and consciousness about organizing: “Here the community is ready for anything.”

Hundreds of Salvadorans too young to have experienced the war also joined the demonstration, claiming a broad concern over human rights abuses in the neighboring country. Twenty-year-old Victor Chevez commented, “I hope that the feeling of support reaches those in resistance, and gives them the energy to keep fighting.”

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