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New site for Miro fans and web video creators

I am indeed a Miro fan as the new build is a great video and audio aggregator. On top of that, here's a chance to develop your own video DIY --Video WTF .

Also, if you don't know, on The Activist Toolkit (there's a link to it always in the tabs above) we've created an introductory section on Creating internet videos/TV which is often updated.

Web video is so very easy to create and even if you have only a digital camera or mobile phone -- YouTubing type video is within your reach. Your options are discussed on the Activist Toolkit site which carries a lot of Miro links.

Since I've been playing with video editing for a while now the often raised question concerns video editing software. Well if you get on over to the Creating internet videos/TV section, you'll be able to explore these two excellent options:
  • Movie Maker Portable --
    the original version of Windows Movie Maker with more bells and whistles than the current one and totally free.
  • VirtualDub ---
    isn't as easy to use as Movie Maker but once you've mastered it's interface editing is sure to be many times faster while offering you greater control over t your edit. A simply powerful free program that many people prefer to all the other editing programs with their high prices. At Ratbag Media we've switch to VirtualDub and use other programs only for occasional effects.

Hello Miro Fans,

Today we're launching a new collaborative community site for video creators to ask questions and offer answers for anything related to video production-- cameras, editing, publishing, and more. We think this will be an extremely useful site for the video community at large. It's called Video WTF, which we think really sums up how we feel when we're stuck on with a camera or editing problem.

We could really use your help getting this new community off the ground!

Here is the url: http://www.videowtf.com

There are three things you can do to help:

1. Tell your friends-- mention the site on twitter, blog it, and forward this message to anyone you know who is a video creator or video expert.

2. Ask questions! Have a question about video production? Stuck on something? Looking for the right tool? Ask a question.

3. Offer an answer-- take a look at the questions that have already been posted and jump in with an answer. Here are the questions that have already been asked -- http://videowtf.com/questions

The site runs on the same software that powers the popular programming help site, Stack Overflow. We think it will work very well for video creators.

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