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VIDEO: the brave new world of social media -- that has such sharing in 't.

I 'm sure I'm thought u of within my circle as an obsessive. Here I am always talking up new media like its the best thing since when. I confess that I sometimes have my doubts and think that I'm merely on a manic surge of sorts and the phase will soon enough pass.

But the tune keeps coming back into my head like a compulsive sentence and every time I interface and experiment with Web 2.0 social media stuff I am always mightily impressed with what's there.

I've been up in the clouds for several years now and with one platform or another I'm always thinking, there is going to be a peak and then the whole thing will settle down to a sort of Darwinian survival balance of sorts as one web start-up beats the competition to more dollars than it is polite to snaffle.

But that hasn't happened. Instead the dynamic of online media -- the social platforms -- has quickened as though the virtual world run by digits is only just beginning to form a very brave new one.

I'm thinking of Shakespeare not Aldous Huxley,:
O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't!
The Tempest (V, i)
I shared some comments from Brendan Cooney here -- robots vs luddites -- in regard to how the digital informational universe impacted on the traditional analysis of surplus value. In effect we possess the technology of socialism but lack the political means. to make it come about -- at least for now.

Indeed, the economics of this frontier are very challenging and not only for Marxists -- the capitalists are having one helluva time growing a dollar in the computer clouds.A ttempts to anchor this world wide webbery with some formatted theory -- such as the book Wikinomics, reviewed sharply here -- Wikinomics and hyperbole -- don't scrub up to much at all.

This frontier is moving so fast and has such massive demographics driving it that its direction is in no one hands but 'ours' -- all of us, everyday. Its' not even in Google's paw.

In regard to this option, I was having an exchange with Andy Blunden who runs the Vygotsky Marxist archive on the web -- and I'm a Vygotsky groupie I'm afraid (much like more than a few primary school teachers) -- and he suggested that our political challenge was grab these new social media tools with their massive collective potential and run with them as a primary modus operandi of radical politics. These were the sort of mediations that the Soviet psychologist was talking about. This is real time dialectical matter and motion being created in real time faster than any tool was ever formed by human hand before .

But this is where my credibility gets questioned -- as though I'm living in tangential universe , contained by a certain geekiness and driven by an arrogant hutzpah.

If that's the case, consider this video -- which is alive with statistics that drive home a few points that can only make me smirk. the video may try to present a capitalism -approved version of social media but it cannot help but get caught up in the wonder of it.

I told you so....O brave new world

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