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Chavez' announces Fifth International plan at international left conference in Caracas

President Chávez announces the Fifth Socialist International

President Hugo Chavez urged the leftist parties in the world to create a true leftist socialist forum, willing to face up to imperialism. He outlined the creation of a preparatory committee to make formal convening of the Fifth International. "I take responsibility bfore the world", Chavez said

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, said it was time to create a Fifth Socialist International, linking the progressive movement, facing the challenge posed by the current "global crisis".

"I think it was time to convene the Fifth International, and I venture to make the call, which I think is a necessity. I venture to request that we create my propsal. I think it is decided", said Chavez during the closing of the World Meeting of Left Parties and Movements.

The head of state invited the representatives of the countries present at the meeting to participate in a truly new project "that the meeting of the socialist left should be genuine, willing to fight against imperialism and capitalism," he said.

Chavez explained that "some representatives of the parties [here] must make calls and think a bit before adopting the final document creation. Take your time, discuss, make the calls to be done, but let me call the creation of the new body, I take responsibility before the world, "he said.

The Venezuelan president also proposed that the list of member parties set up a preparatory committee to formally call for the Fifth International.

"The constitution of the preparatory committee could be one of the conclusions of this First Meeting of Parties of the Left," he said.

"There is no time to lose. It is very urgent, because the global crisis is accelerating," warned Chavez.

This international meeting ran from Thursday 19 November to Saturday 21 November.

This important political event involved over 150 delegates and 40 groups from around the world who discussed the threats of the empire, the installation of seven U.S. military bases in Colombia, the coup in Honduras, the fall of capitalism and Socialism of the XXI century.

This meeting was attended by 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, seven from Europe and six from Africa, Asia and Oceania.

This meeting was conceived as a platform to develop democratic proposals from a socialist vision and committed people throughout the world.

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