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Socialist Alliance: Public Transport campaigner to run in Kosky’s old seat - calls for free trains

Socialist Alliance candidate for Altona district Margarita Windisch has welcomed Transport Minister Kosky’s resignation as overdue but says Kosky was just a symptom of a larger problem for Victorians - the negligent ALP government. 
“Our state government has constantly failed people and the utterly shambolic public transport system is just one example”, says Windisch, adding that the ALP is nothing more than a political machine that puts profits before people and the environment.
While Brumby wines and dines those with enough money to buy his ear, struggling public services, soaring utility costs and opinion polls are ignored. James Packer gets extra pokie machines for his Casino, but bushfire victims are fobbed off and hospital queues increase.
Even though Victoria’s social services are in crisis, Brumby has prioritised spending over $300 million on refurbishing the Melbourne Park tennis centre! The ALP has also ignored the threat climate change poses to the community and refuses to take urgent action.
It’s time for a government that takes public opinion on climate change and public transport seriously.
Socialist Alliance believes that an expanded, well integrated, frequent and free public transport system is exactly what our environment needs, and is essential to provide the service Victorians deserve.
Working towards a zero emissions economy is critical, especially in the bay area where rising sea levels could threaten parts of our suburbs. That’s why Socialist Alliance advocates an urgent shift to 100% renewable energy to go hand in hand with a massive job creation program.
Margarita Windisch lives in the Western suburbs, is a former tram conductor and works   currently as a community welfare teacher. Windisch was part of the Dump Connex campaign in 2009 which involved campaigning on train platforms and carriages where hundreds of petitions were signed and over 100 000 pamphlets distributed to commuters. She is an active union member, has taken part in anti-war collectives and campaigns for civil liberties, women’s rights and public services.
If elected Margarita Windisch will prioritise:

  • An expanded, frequent and free public transport system that is run by the public
  • The creation of green jobs and working towards 100% renewable energy
  • Working towards sustainable water solutions
  • Investing tax payers funds into urgently needed social services and infrastructure
  • Bringing public utilities back into public ownership & community control
  • The phasing out of pokie machines
  • The abolition of all anti worker and anti union laws, including the Australian Building and Construction Commission, which unfairly targets building workers
Margarita is interested to know what issues concern you and will be holding a ‘Meet ‘n’ Greet’ at Logans Reserve (corner of Pier and Queen Street Altona) from noon on Sunday 31st  of January.  A relaxed BBQ - picnic including Eritrean food will be available.   
For more information on the campaign or on how to join and/or help out please by:
Authorized and printed by Sue Bolton, 5/407 Swanston Street, Melbourne 8005

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