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SLIDESHOW Ampilatwatja Aboriginal Walkoff brigade

Made with Slideshow Embed ToolUnionists and Aboriginal rights activists have done what the government wouldn't in building a house for the remote Aboriginal community of Ampilatwatja.

Over a dozen people have participated in the building of the "protest house"
in a community that, under government legislation, was to receive no new
housing despite massive overcrowding.

People will see some Socialist Alliance members there, as well as Paddy
Gibson from Solidarity, but there were also members from Unions NT, the
CFMEU, the AMWU and many others.

Here's media release on it:

Richard Downs and Alyawarr elders would like to invite Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to the opening of our protest house at lunchtime, February 14 at Honeymoon bore near Ampilatwatja community.

This is a stand against the federal government Intervention.

The protest house has been build with support of Northern Territory and national trade unions and the general public to show the governments it does
not take over 2 years to build one house.

This is also an opportunity for people of all races to come together in unity against racism and discrimination,

to unite for:

Human rights
Mother Earth
Land rights and not native title
Compensation for the Stolen Generation and return of stolen wages

And against:

Incarceration of our people
Deaths in custody
Climate change.

We want support to stay on our homelands, we do not want to move to the town hubs being created.
We say no to lease agreement- our lands are not for sale, lease or to be given away.

We are now joining together as one to stand against the racism and discrimination.

Our people will be having a special opening ceremony to show the governments and public we are still here.

http://www.stoptheintervention.org/ for events in their city.

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