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SATIRE Comrades come sally -- the SSY's Lydia Teapot (et al)

The Scottish Socialist Youth is the young person's outgrowth of the Scottish Socialist Party . 

With their sericeable Wordpress (lucky them! sigh!) website and all, they are making their webological mark with a voice that is aggressively populist and aggro, abusive even...and so terribly Scottish.
Aw naw man.
Here, ma wee chumpos and chumpettes, you’ll no believe this, bit ah’ll huv tae tell ye.
Thur out there. Lit sum kinna fucken zombie invasion, they walk amung is. They look lit normal people, but thur no. Thu’ll shout ‘it ye.
The peopo ahm on aboot, my wee muckers, thur the Troofers. “We ur Change” They caw thursels.

“9/11 Troof, mate”
I like the SSP  and exploit it as a source of regular inspiration so I had not been following these Celtic 'youth' so much...

But here's a canny tip: among the posters to the SSY webside is Lydia Teapot .

Maybe Lydia's offerings ain't  strategically rich nor tactically nuanced, but here at LeftClick we reckon this has to be a way forward (albeit not the only way forward)for the still struggling socialist, gotta-change-the-world, left.

Attitude. That's what the standups call it --  you gotta have attitude before you can walk out on stage and start editorialising.

And Lydia's got attitude to spare. Loads of it. (Where can I get me some?)

This fuck'em attitude may not be a compleat political programme --
  1. Of or characterized by a highly developed or wide-ranging skill or proficiency: "The compleat speechwriter ... comes to anonymity from Harvard Law" (Israel Shenker).
  2. Being an outstanding example of a kind; quintessential: "Here was the compleat modern misfit: the very air appeared to poison him; his every step looked treacherous and hard won" (Stephen Schiff).
but then you need to be listened to, not just be in earshot. Its' about grabbing and holding an audience.

And it seems to me, that we have to talk about dress up and role play , of being something else (rather than same ole same ole) -- a new you, sort of. 

The big boys call it 'spin' but they're paid to be cynical and paid to spin it.

So let's be aware of Scots bearing gifts.

Mildred: What're you rebelling against, Johnny?
Johnny: Whaddya got? 

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