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SATIRE I am to blame.

In the wake of a week's happenings what can I say? Is it happenstance or the tolling of history that we true blue Aussies are today without a true blue government?

And what's more, am I to blame? As the pregnant wife still in labor says to the husband, "you did this to me!"

And I did! It was I.

I simply could not help myself. It was an impulsive vote. Eeny looked not much better than Meeny so I went with Miny rather than Moe

And now look at the mess! We are stuck with the Three Stooges. 

 If I could make it up to all of you I would. I'm so very sorry that my judgement was clouded. I don't know what got into me. I must have been thinking that I wanted something else. Something better. That maybe change was in the offing.

How selfish is that?

And to top it off I went and ruined a perfectly good Feminist CV (that has taken decades of Sensitive New Age Guyness to attain) by turning my back on Ms Julia Gillard and instead, wandered off in some sort of Alpha Male quest in pursuit of a boutique political agenda.

More fool me, eh? I must have been thinking with my dick.

After all the Labor Party has given me -- given us -- I feel as though I'm the offspring of a fetid necrophiliac embrace with Sir John Kerr.

I'm in bed -- by default -- with the Tories.

If I cannot return a perfectly good ALP government when it is asked of me -- then what use am I to the struggling proletariat?

It is at times like these that you need to step back from the coal face and take stock. If democracy -- even a shallow, rhetorical, spin driven, democracy such as ours -- can lead you down a garden path like this, I, for one, do not want to smell the roses if sniffing comes with this high a price.

I have learnt my lesson, comrades. 

In future when it comes to a choosing between whom I want to privatize my assets and corporatise my liabilities; slaughter selected foreign hordes or jail  sneaky invaders ... I will be sticking with the ALP.

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