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SATIRE: Let's play 'Pick the Arab'

White Guys
Anders Behring Breivik(above)
Martin Bryant (below)
 In case  you haven't been in on the joke I need to let the cat out of the bag and tell you that we've been playing the 9/11 Game for 10 years.

Also called Pick the Arab  the rules  are quite simple: blame Towell Heads, Dune Coons, Hajis and Ragheads for...well, that's up to you.

Example:Blame them for... the wholesale price of fertilizer.

Since Pick the Arab  includes an offshore user interface, the thrills just keep on coming.

Wasting hundreds of thousands (without one's morals being challenged)  has never been easier  and daily body counts keep you up to date.

Just get a load of these figures.
Iraq: 62,570 to 1,124,000
Afghanistan: 10,960 to 49,600
Somalia: 7,000+
Pakistan: 1467 to 2334
Like  shooting turkeys in a barrel.

No wonder the Islamic types get a  bit testy and we need to be  vigilant if they leave the console and move into the neighborhood.

So when 92 of our own are slaughtered in Norway,  who can blame us for thinking that it's Islam at work?

A natural mistake.

Who woulda  thought that Anders  Breivik was a white guy? A very white guy -- as white and as blond as our own  Martin Bryant.

It's all a bit embarrassing.

Aside from taking out this year's Tour de France Australia  held the record for the number of casualties in a  solo civilian shooting spree: Martin Bryant: 1996, 35 dead/21 wounded.

When it comes to murderous nutters  Norway's blond, blue eyed champion has  beaten our own home grown product...and there isn't a friggin Arab on hand to  blame.

How unfair is that?

Foul. Foul.

Anders Behring Breivik has let the side down and soured the war game.

Maybe the 9/11 Game should really be Where's Whitey?...
Players  are challenged to find a character named Whitey hidden in the group. Whitey's distinctive white skin, fair hair and weaponry make Whitey slightly easier to recognise .

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