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Derek Wall and Muckaty women to participate in CCSC conference

Leading British ecosocialist Derek Wall (pictured left) has confirmed that he will prepare a video presentation especially for the World At A Crossroads: Climate Change Social Change conference in Melbourne September 30-October 3. It will be on the topic "Organising for ecosocialism" and we will probably show it in the plenary session on the evening of Sunday October 2. He will do a Skype audio connect to that session so he can join in the discussion as well.

We also have confirmation that two women traditional landowners from Muckaty (the site of the planned nuclear waste dump opposed by the local Aboriginal community and many others), Dianne Stokes (pictured below left) and Kylie Sambo(who is also a hip hop artist-- pictured below right), will be travelling all the way from Central Australia to the conference. 

Wall is running for chair of the Green Party in Britain and will know if he wins on September 8.
In the current issue of GLW, there are interviews with keynote guest speakers John Bellamy Foster and Ian Angus and also a profile article about the three young Cambodian women activists who are coming to the conference.

The longstanding and globally respected Monthly Review magazine, which Foster edits, has become the latest co-sponsor of the conference, joining Melbourne University Office for Environmental Programs, Friends of the Earth (Melbourne), climateandcapitalism.com, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Labour Party Pakistan (LPP), Sydney University Political Economy Society, Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM), Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM – Philippines), Australia-Asia Worker Links, Left Unity Adelaide, Adelaide Climate Emergency Action Network (CLEAN), Community Radio 3CR, Transform Asia and Action Aid International.

Individual sessions are being sponsored by the Victorian Trades Hall Council, Earthworker and the Society on Social Implications of Technology (Australia).

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