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This week's featured blog: Politics in the Zeros

The weeks here are getting longer and longer in regard to this little exercise. Before you know it we'll be marking off months this way. But with one thing or another, we've been busy at LeftClick posting stuff --so the sort of agenda planning gets a short shift.

Nonetheless this week's featured blog is special: Politics in the Zeros.

What the heck does the name Politics in the Zeros mean, you ask?

Several things, actually. This is the first decade of a new century so the years have lots of zeros in them. Plus, politics is about money, so there’s lots of zeros there too. Also, in my opinion, many politicians are themselves zeros. So, there you have it.

Bob Morris, the webmaster, is active in the ANSWER Coalition. He relocated to Connecticut in Feb. 2007 where he organizes for ANSWER Connecticut.

I don't know how long I've been reading Polizeros, but I came upon it initially because Bob posted audio there and I was looking for left audio. Since then there's been a lot of chit chat across the Pacific. I even signed me up as a guest blogger on Polizeros -- but unforgivably don't post there that often. (I comment though -- I do that!)

But Bob's pitch is great blogging -- a model exercise in how to do it and make a political perspective both accessible and informative while locating it on a platform whose look is pristine and ever so cool.

Most of all Polizeros offers a great angle on US politics and the sort of the world view we lefties appreciate served up in a montage of short sharp and beautifully crafted posts. It's political haiku.

So off you go, visit, subscribe to and enjoy Politics in the Zeros.

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